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RdSAP Refresher (Classroom)

Course length 1 Day
Suitable for Existing DEAs
Qualifications 5 Hours CPD
5 Hours CPD

It’s easy to let certain skills fall by the wayside, which is why this course aims to fortify your knowledge in the key areas of RdSAP to ensure your assessments are accurate and QA ready. The course also provides the opportunity to explore certain areas in more depth while getting up to speed with any recent changes to the methodology.

Course Content

1. RdSAP Methodology concentrating on more problematic issues including:

–  Date of Construction
–  Measurement Technique
–  Heat Loss Wall perimeter
–  Room in the Roof

2. Use of  SEDBUK

3. Choice of Main and Secondary heating

4. Question and Answer section where delegates will be encouraged to ask questions and share experiences

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