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Property Inventory Competency Scheme

Inventory reports are the backbone of the rental market; settling landlord/tenant disputes and ensuring everything is properly documented.

Membership of Elmhurst’s Inventory Scheme will allow you to produce professional reports and demonstrate to clients that your knowledge is up to date.

Join the Property Inventory Competency Scheme

Complete our application form and begin to enjoy all the benefits that competency scheme membership has to offer.


Why join the Property Inventory Scheme?

As a member of Elmhurst’s Property Inventory Competency Scheme you will be able to demonstrate competence and quality to clients, and show that your work meets the highest industry standards.

Gaining additional competencies is a natural part of an assessor’s development as you gain more experience and develop different areas of specialty. Elmhurst’s dedicated competency scheme has been set up to ensure you grow and thrive in your career, enabling you to dig deeper into areas of interest and grow your business.

You’ll also receive exclusive membership benefits such as dedicated support, technical updates, and insurance, marketing materials and professional templates.

So if you want to stand out from the crowd and gain professional recognition, apply to join the scheme today!

Inventory Lodgement Fee


*This price does not include VAT. The entry price stated here is also subject to the volume of reports that you lodge, therefore, the more you lodge the cheaper it becomes.


Additional Fees

  • Application for Inventory membership- FREE
  • Annual renewal if lodged 5 or more Inventory reports in previous accreditation year- FREE
  • Annual renewal if lodged less than 5 Inventory reports in previous accreditation year- £95 + VAT
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Not completed Inventory Training?

In order to join Elmhurst’s Inventory Competency Scheme you must first complete a Inventory training course. Complete training in your own time with our online pre-recorded course!