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Better Buildings Consultant

Better Buildings Consultant

In a constantly changing world of building efficiency and sustainability, maintaining a leading edge is essential!

As a Better Buildings Consultant, you can present yourself as a multi-disciplined energy, retrofit or buildings expert, showcasing  expertise across multiple areas.

Who can become a Better Buildings Consultant?

To become a Better Buildings Consultant, it’s essential to be a member of Elmhurst and meet the following criteria:

  1. Hold an Active ‘Energy Assessor’ Accreditation with Elmhurst
  2. Hold an additional Active Elmhurst Competency Scheme membership (including Retrofit) or ‘Energy Assessor’ accreditation

Any competency or accreditation found under the ‘Accreditation’ section on the Elmhurst website menu is relevant and applicable to this role. A full breakdown is also  available here.

The Application Process

To demonstrate that you have the relevant skills and expertise for the Better Buildings Consultant role, you will be required to successfully complete and pass, a competency test. This test has been developed to evaluate your professional skills and knowledge, ensuring they align with the trusted quality standards expected of a Better Buildings Consultant.

You can purchase the competency test by clicking the apply now button below. The test is also available to complete at a time that suits you.

Upon passing the test, you will automatically receive an application form which will allow you to officially register as a member of the Better Buildings Consultant Certification Scheme.


Why Join?

As a Better Buildings Consultant you will gain access to:

  • Increased Visibility on Elmhurst’s Find-An-Assessor Directory
  • Greater Business Exposure
  • Additional assurance and confidence to your customers
  • Access to a prestigious quality badge
  • Access to premium Marketing Materials

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Greater Business Exposure

As a Better Buildings Consultant, your unique areas of expertise and distinguished quality badge will be prominently displayed on Elmhurst’s Find-an-Assessor platform. This enhanced visibility and exposure, amidst the 7,000 monthly searches conducted by building owners, will significantly elevate your profile and opportunities within the industry.

A Quality Badge

Better Buildings Consultant logo

Access the exclusive quality badge, reserved only for use by certified Better Buildings Consultants. The quality badge serves as a symbol of professional achievement and expertise. It also enhances credibility and confidence among customers and peers.

Access to Premium Marketing Resources

Enhance your position as a Better Building Consultant with our specially designed marketing tools. These materials are crafted to showcase your expertise and services, making it easier to draw in clients and highlight what makes you stand out in the field.

Increased Engagement with Media and Press

As a Better Buildings Consultant, you will be automatically added to Elmhurst’s Member Spotlight list. This ensures that you will receive media and press opportunities directly from Elmhurst as they become available, offering you an enhanced platform to highlight your business and gain wider recognition in the industry.

Joining Fee:
£195 + VAT*

Application Fee:
£95 + VAT  (Free of Charge)

Annual Renewal Fee:
£195 + VAT

* The joining fee is charged upfront, prior to sitting the competency test. This fee will be refunded if you are unsuccessful in passing this test

The Better Buildings Consultant certification scheme is designed to showcase professionals who are multi-disciplined.

Unfortunately, those with only one energy assessor accreditation or competency with Elmhurst will not be eligible to apply.

However, should you join a second energy assessor accreditation or competency scheme with Elmhurst, then you will be eligible to become a recognised Better Buildings Consultant.

You must be a member with Elmhurst Energy and have a minimum of either;

2 x  Active Energy Assessor Accreditation Schemes
1 x Active Energy Assessor Accreditation Scheme +
1 x Active Competency Scheme

Linked to your membership/account with us.

These are listed in the table below:

Energy Assessor Accreditation Scheme Competency Scheme
Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) Retrofit Assessor
Non-Domestic Energy Assessor (NDEA) Retrofit Coordinator
On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor (OCDEA) Airtightness Testing
Air Conditioning Inspection (ACI) Legionella Risk Assessment
Display Energy Certificate (DEC) Assessor Property Inventory
ESOS Lead Assessor
Section 63

A Better Buildings Consultant scheme competency test, can be purchased from our shop tab on the website, or by clicking the apply buttons on this page.

The test consists of 20 multiple choice questions which have been developed to assess an applicants transitional skills within the sector.

Each applicant will have 3 attempts to pass the test.

You will be given 20 mins to complete the multiple choice questions.

After you have successfully passed the competency test you will be sent a certificate, as well as an email which will contain a link to the Better Buildings Consultant Certification Scheme application form.

If you do not receive an email with this link then please contact: ea_certification@elmhurstenergy.co.uk 

Your membership of the Better Buildings Consultant certification scheme, will automatically renew every 12 months, starting from your joining date. Upon renewal, we will check that your skills are up to date by retesting your competency.

Scheme members will be required to undertake a short test of competency each year, starting from the initial joining date.