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RdSAP Online

Prefer putting pen to paper for your domestic energy assessments? Once all onsite property information has been collected, DEAs can use Elmhurst’s free online Reduced data Standard Assessment Procedure (RdSAP) software, to perform the necessary energy calculations required to produce a legally valid EPC or energy report.

Using RdSAP Online

Elmhurst’s RdSAP Online software can be accessed through Elmhurst’s members area (Access Elmhurst), and is available to all Elmhurst accredited DEAs. In this software you can enter energy assessment data, and upload evidence which can be used to complete a comprehensive domestic energy assessment.

The software can quickly perform RdSAP calculations using the latest methodology and can produce Energy Reports and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) which can be lodged from the software directly to the central registers.

RdSAP Online features

✅ FREE to Elmhurst Energy Accredited DEAs (pay when you lodge or submit)
✅ Fully compliant with current RdSAP regulations
✅ Intuitive and designed for ease of use
✅ Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
✅ Fully supported by a Technical Support Team
✅ Regularly updated in line with Government regulations
✅ Independently checked and approved by Government

You can access the online software through Access Elmhurst once you become a fully accredited DEA with Elmhurst Energy.