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Not entirely sure what it is that we do? Not to worry we’ve got you covered.

While our name may suggest otherwise, we are not an energy company. We are a quality training provider for those aspiring to become an Energy Assessor, as well as a government approved membership organisation for qualified Energy Assessors across the United Kingdom.

Energy Assessors who choose to become an Elmhurst member will receive services such as technical support, access to software tools, further training, and auditing to help them to excel in their respective fields and uphold the highest standards of professionalism.

We pride ourselves on offering a range of qualification courses that cover various disciplines across the energy assessment and retrofit sector. Each training course provides the necessary skills and qualifications that can potentially lead to a new job or career path for individuals.

Once an individual has qualified as an Energy Assessor, they can choose to join a government approved accreditation scheme such as Elmhurst.

We offer various schemes under the accreditation tab on our website. As a member, individuals can access technical support, software tools, CPD training and more.

Elmhurst generates revenue through several channels, including the provision of training programs and value-added software tools.

However, the majority of our income is derived from the lodgement fees charged to members who submit Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and related reports through the relevant systems.

An Energy Assessor is a professional who assesses the energy efficiency of a building or property. Their job is to evaluate the energy performance of a building and identify areas where energy efficiency can be improved.

Depending on what type of energy assessment they do, they can either visit site or complete a desk based assessments.

Once done, they will produce a legally valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document that provides information about the energy efficiency of a building. It is used to help property owners, tenants, and buyers understand the energy performance of a property, and to identify ways to improve its energy efficiency.

EPC ratings typically range from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient), and the higher the rating, the lower the energy costs and carbon emissions associated with the property.

Our business areas

We are committed to providing unwavering support for your chosen path, ensuring your success in every endeavour. Our diverse range of business areas, spanning technical support, training, sales and marketing, accountancy, and more, ensures that we have the perfect fit for everyone’s unique skill set. No matter what you aspire to achieve, we offer the resources and expertise to help you thrive.