ESOS Lead Assessor Training 

Every four years, large companies must prove their compliance with the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) unless 100% of their energy use is covered by ISO 50001. This provides an excellent opportunity for commercial energy assessors to train as ESOS Lead Assessors. 

Lead Assessors must be a member of an approved ESOS register, which Elmhurst's government-approved accreditation scheme operates. Elmhurst's ESOS Lead Assessor training provides real experience of ESOS assessments/audits as well as comprehensive technical and non-technical knowledge required by registered ESOS Lead Assessors.

What is an ESOS Lead Assessor?

Routes to ESOS Lead Assessor Training

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What is an ESOS Lead Assessor? 

An ESOS Lead Assessor can sign off a company's Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme report, to prove compliance with the scheme. In order to carry out assessments, you must attend and pass an ESOS training course before applying to join an approved ESOS register. 

The Role of an ESOS Lead Assessor

As a trained ESOS Lead Assessor you will need to review whether a company's ESOS assessment meets the requirements of the scheme. This involves:
  • reviewing assets and activities in significant energy consumption (90% of the total energy consumption)
  • confirming that the necessary certifications and evidence exist for any alternative routes to compliance
  • reviewing the energy audits undertaken to ensure that they meet the minimum criteria for ESOS
Typical duties undertaken by an ESOS Lead Assessor might include undertaking, reviewing or advising on the following activities: 
  • energy use profiles
  • calculating energy/cost savings of measures identified 
  • energy saving opportunities 
  • audit recommendations 
  • developing a process for how new audits should be carried out 
  • developing a sampling approach
  • developing an audit timetable
  • determining the number of site visits required
  • developing an ESOS evidence pack – this is an information pack that shows how you carried out the assessment and audit

Routes to ESOS Lead Assessor Training 

To apply to become an ESOS assessor you must have a minimum of two years' experience of professional energy assessment and auditing in accordance with PAS51215 standards. This means that a lot of our members have suitable backgrounds to explore this line of work, in particular those who work in commercial energy assessment (DEC assessors and NDEAs) 

ESOS presents an opportunity for assessors, especially those who have close ties with commercial companies. With fines for failure to complete ESOS reports running into the thousands of pounds, companies are eager to find qualified and professionally competent individuals. 

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Success Stories

"We got through a large amount of material, and did so in a way that was manageable and interesting. What could have been onerous was actually quite enjoyable"

- Peter Murray, ESOS Lead Assessor Course

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