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PAS 2038 Awareness (Online Live)

Course length 1/2 Day
Suitable for Anyone interested in retrofitting of non-domestic buildings, Retrofit Coordinators, NDEAs and DEC Assessors
Qualifications 3 Hours CPD
3 Hours CPD

This CPD course has been developed following the launch of PAS 2038. Our PAS 2038 Awareness will provide you with an insight to how PAS 2038 will apply to the non-domestic market, how it aims to transform the landscape of energy efficiency retrofit within existing non-domestic buildings and the opportunities for energy assessors.

Many will already be aware of PAS 2035, the domestic retrofit specification which was published by British Standards Institution (BSI) back in 2019. The obvious next step was for BSI to consider commercial buildings and we have now received the first draft of PAS 2038, “Retrofitting non-domestic buildings for improved energy efficiency – Specification”. The release of this new standard will help the government to achieve its carbon commitments, by improving buildings and making positive steps towards net zero and carbon neutrality.

This CPD course will look at the PAS 2038 process, including the retrofit stakeholders who will be involved. It will also look at the potential opportunities for energy assessors and how this will develop the marketplace for non-domestic retrofit. Those who attend this course will walk away with a good understanding of PAS 2038

  • What is PAS 2038?
  • Background to BSI, PAS and whole building approach to retrofit
  • Global warming and fuel poverty
  • How does this link to PAS 2035
  • Potential for funding, investment and quality processes
  • The roles involved in PAS 2038
  • The role of NDEAs and DEC assessors
  • How can you get involved

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