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DEA Conventions (Online Live)

Course length 1 Day
Suitable for Existing DEAs
Qualifications 5 Hours CPD
5 Hours CPD

Get up to speed with version 11.4 of the DEA conventions. The changing landscape of energy assessment makes it especially important to refresh your knowledge and ensure your work still meets compliance.

Course Content:

  • Measurements and geometry
  • Construction and Insulation
  • Main & Secondary Heating
  • Water Heating
  • New Technologies (Appendix Q)
  • BRE Technical Notes
  • Lighting, recommendations & miscellaneous

All Domestic energy assessors are required to follow conventions.  

Conventions are basically the rules we follow when collecting and inputting data onto the software.  It’s all about gaining a consistent methodology and/or procedure for assessors to follow when producing an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).  All regions of the UK follow the same conventions.

Elmhurst Energy provide easy access to the current conventions in the ‘My documents’ area of the software.  Elmhurst even provide a technical bulletin dedicated to conventions, this is much more user friendly than the official convention document and provides some examples and explanation.

It’s really important for assessors to follow the current conventions and when an audit is called the auditor will check the conventions have been followed.

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) are responsible for providing and updating the conventions on a regular basis.


April 2024

Date Duration Delivery Location Places left
17 Apr 2024 09:30 1 Day Online (Live) Online 1
£90.00 + VAT

June 2024

Date Duration Delivery Location Places left
10 Jun 2024 09:30 1 Day Online (Live) Online 12
£90.00 + VAT

August 2024

Date Duration Delivery Location Places left
7 Aug 2024 09:30 1 Day Online (Live) Online 11
£90.00 + VAT

October 2024

Date Duration Delivery Location Places left
16 Oct 2024 09:30 1 Day Online (Live) Online 12
£90.00 + VAT

November 2024

Date Duration Delivery Location Places left
4 Nov 2024 09:30 1 Day Online (Live) Online 12
£90.00 + VAT
27 Nov 2024 09:30 1 Day Online (Live) Online 12
£90.00 + VAT

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