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Design SAP for Retrofit Coordinators (Online Live)

Course length 4 Hours
Suitable for All Retrofit Coordinators
Qualifications 3 Hours CPD
3 Hours CPD

This three hour live webinar will introduce Retrofit Coordinators to Elmhurst’s Design SAP software. The session will cover the use of Design SAP for Retrofit modelling, with a detailed look at the areas where SAP offers extended data entry compared to RdSAP. Examples and interactive workshops will be provided.

Course Content

  • An introduction to SAP and the Design SAP application
  • How to import RdSAP assessments into Design SAP
  • A look at the differences between SAP and RdSAP assessments
  • An introduction to U-value calculations
  • How to extract relevant information for use in Retrofit from output reports
  • An example workshop looking at how an improvement can be modelled and results obtained
  • Q & A


September 2024

Date Duration Delivery Location Places left
24 Sep 2024 09:30 4 Hours Online (Live) Online - Teams 10
£99.00 + VAT

November 2024

Date Duration Delivery Location Places left
11 Nov 2024 09:30 4 Hours Online (Live) Online 12
£99.00 + VAT

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