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IES Overheating Training (Online Live)

Course length 1 Day
Suitable for Those with experience using IES Virtual Environment for Dynamic Thermal Modelling.

Overheating Course Information

This 1-day online course will show you how to use the IES Virtual Environment to perform overheating risk analyses for a variety of current guidelines and methodologies. This is in preparation for new Building Regulations due to come into force in 2022 which will see calculation of overheating risk be taken out of Part L and replaced by a new Building Regulation supported by a new Approved Document O. Please be aware that this Online training is delivered in a lecture style, so you do not need to use the IESVE during the session

Pre-requisite On-Demand DSM Training

You must be competent in using the following IES Virtual Environment tools: ModelIT, SunCast, ApacheSim and MacroFlo. This competency could either be via previous IES training (face-to-face, live online or On-Demand), or relevant experience in using the IES Virtual Environment modelling and thermal simulation tools.

If you do not have this experience you will need to complete the pre-requisite On-Demand IES Dynamic Simulation training which can be purchased by clicking here.

  • The causes of overheating
  • An overview of current guidelines and methodologies related to overheating; CIBSE TM52, CIBSE TM59, Part O, CIBSE TM49, CIBSE Guide A, BB101, BREEAM Hea04, HTM 03-01, The London Plan
  • Using the IES Virtual Environment to assess the risk of overheating for:


    • CIBSE TM52
    • CIBSE TM59
    • Part O
    • BB101 2018 for schools
    • BREEAM 2018 Hea04 Thermal Comfort
    • HTM 03-01 for healthcare premises
    • The London Plan – Cooling and Overheating

Once completed this course will give you access to join the Elmhurst Overheating Competency Scheme once competency has been assessed, where you will receive;

  • Industry recognition of competence to undertake Overheating risk assessments.
  • Addition to our list of competent Overheating Risk Assessors available on our website.
  • Technical support to members on Overheating regulations and carrying out Overheating Risk Assessments.
  • Updates on future Building Regulation and technical standard changes in regards to Overheating.

June 2024

Date Duration Delivery Location Places left
14 Jun 2024 10:00 1 Day Online (Live) Online 5
£250.00 + VAT

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