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IES VE-SBEM Training

Course length VE-SBEM 2 Hours
Suitable for NDEAs
Qualifications 5.5 Hours CPD
5.5 Hours CPD 

Course Overview

This course is delivered live online by IES and their expert trainers. This course will show you how to use the IES Virtual Environment software to perform Part L2 compliance checks and to generate Level 3 and Level 4 EPCs, via the SBEM methodology.

The live online, lecture style course will take you through the IES VE-SBEM software, with the opportunity to interact with and ask questions to their experts throughout the session. You do not need to have access to the software during the session.

This course is a good foundation for moving onto the IES’s VE-DSM course.

Course Prerequisites

Please note – You must have completed the IES ModelIT live online training course prior to attending this course. The ModelIT course (3.5 hours approx.) will show you how to create and edit building geometry for subsequent use by VE-SBEM.

Upcoming ModelIT courses: 9th July 2024.

The ModelIT course is FREE to those who book this VE-SBEM training. Once we receive your booking for the VE-SBEM course, we will inform IES and they will be in touch with details of how to book onto your free ModelIT course.

Additional Information

Delegates will also receive training notes and a free first year subscription to on demand videos for VE-SBEM and ModelIT (chargeable after first year unless cancelled).

Learn how to perform UK building regulations compliance checks and to generate Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

  • Setting site location
  • Creating and assigning constructions
  • Creating and assigning NCM systems
  • Defining NCM building type and NCM activity type
  • Assigning, viewing and editing building data
  • Performing Part L2 compliance checks via the SBEM method and generating the BRUKL report
  • Generating EPCs via the SBEM method

August 2024

Date Duration Delivery Location Places left
16 Aug 2024 10:00 VE-SBEM 2 Hours Online (Live) n/a 10
SALE £500.00 £150.00 + VAT

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