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DesignBuilder Overheating Training with Dynamic Thermal Modelling (DTM) on Demand

Course length 1 Day Training + 18 Hours pre-requisite
Suitable for Those wanting learn how to complete Overheating assessment
£495.00 + VAT

Overheating Course Information


This on-demand summer overheating content is for modellers who wish to deliver CIBSE TM52 and/or TM59 assessments but who don’t currently have the background knowledge in dynamic simulation and airflow network modelling. The course includes both the on-demand summer overheating prerequisite (preparatory) content and the on-demand TM52/59 course content.

Course Content for summer overheating training:

  1. Introduction to Overheating
  2. Using DesignBuilder’s TM52 tools
  3. Using DesignBuilder’s TM59 tools
  4. Modelling for BB101 overheating risk


By the end of the training attendees should have a good grasp of how to quantify and reduce the risk of overheating for the main UK and Ireland regulations and schemes using DesignBuilder.


Overheating Prerequisites Course Information

Modelling the overheating risk in naturally ventilated buildings is more advanced than UK certification/NCM modelling and requires the ability to use DesignBuilder’s EnergyPlus airflow network calculated natural ventilation analysis tools. This course provides the required level of knowledge (for those that need it) to start DesignBuilder’s TM52/59 summer overheating risk simulation training. This on-demand overheating preparatory content is equivalent to 3 days of classroom training and includes the latest geometry creation tools, model data inputs, and setting up and running calculated natural ventilation simulations in DesignBuilder.

Once purchased, you can access the on-demand training content as often as you need within your training license duration. If you have little experience of using DesignBuilder’s simulation tools you would find this training excellent value. It would help you to prepare for the overheating course and provide a valuable reference resource to enhance your learning in the first year of using DesignBuilder for overheating assessments and other dynamic simulation modelling.

Once you have completed this course you will be sent a competency assessment. Completion of this will give you access to join the Elmhurst Overheating Competency Scheme, where you will receive; 

  • Industry recognition of competence to undertake Overheating risk assessments. 
  • Addition to our list of competent Overheating Risk Assessors available on our website. 
  • Technical support to members on Overheating regulations and carrying out Overheating Risk Assessments. 
  • Updates on future Building Regulation and technical standard changes in regards to Overheating. 

Please note that the on-demand training and software licences are separate. You don’t need a DesignBuilder software licence to view the training, but you do need one to follow the training in the software. If you require a 30-day DesignBuilder training licence to enable you to practise and consolidate your learning using the course materials provided please contact sales@designbuilder.co.uk.

You will receive 1 year’s access to DesignBuilder summer overheating preparation on-demand training material which must be completed before attending the overheating course. Once you have received access to this training material we are unable to refund the on-demand training fee of  £495.

  • Complete the On-Demand overheating training course  
  • Apply to join the scheme on our website here.
  • A competency assessment will be sent for you to complete upon application  
  • Subject to satisfactory completion of the competency assessment you will be enrolled onto the only overheating competency scheme where you will benefit from additional recognition for your assessments and other scheme benefits. 

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