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Amber Rudd's Speech Outlines New Direction for UK Energy Policy

18 November 2015

DECC have had a very busy morning, firstly they announced that Coal Power Stations were to be closed by 2025 and restricting there use by 2023. (Announcement here) The Secretary of State - Amber Rudd then made a major speech intended to announce the new direction for the UKs energy Policy. Elmhurst Energy has had a chance to read and reflect on the speech. The main theme from DECC was “How do we achieve an


Amber Rudd Speaks out about New Energy Policies

18 November 2015

Secretary of State - Amber Rudd MP ‘Energy Policy Reset’ Speech at the Institute of Civil Engineers Wednesday 18th November 2015 – from official DECC tweets: To put this into context this speech is the first time that Amber Rudd has started speaking out about new policies. In the hours before the speech DECC formally announced that the Government plans to close all coal-fired power stations by 2025 and restrict their use by 2023 (see


UK to enter Paris 2015 summit with commitments not met

12 November 2015

With less than three weeks to go before the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, at which the UK Government will make a legally binding and universal agreement on climate change, it transpires that Amber Rudd has admitted that previous commitments will not be met. This is despite telling parliament that they would be achieved, then removing funding from Green Deal and threatening savage cuts to Feed in Tariffs. A confidential letter sent to


Elmhurst Energy Releases New Legionella Software Update

10 November 2015

Elmhurst Energy has recently released a new version of their software for legionella risk assessments, developed from feedback and ideas provided by earlier software users. The software provides a professional and fully comprehensive report for landlords in support of their risk assessment. Stephen O'Hara, Managing Director at Elmhurst Energy comments: "The changes capitalise on some of the feedback and ideas provided by early software users. The result has been a much higher standard of report


ESOS Newsletter Issue 7 Download

06 November 2015

Dear Elmhurst ESOS Lead Assessor,  As part of your membership to Elmhurst’s ESOS Lead Assessor Register you will receive updates on the latest news about ESOS. The Environment Agency has released ISSUE 7 of the ESOS Newsletter, to keep you updated with information on the ESOS scheme. These newsletters will be sent out as and when there is new information to be communicated.  The latest edition includes; ESOS 'One Month to go'


Our Existing Homes are Getting Worse!

04 November 2015

DCLG have recently announced further startling statistics relating to lodgement of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) to the national register for England and Wales. The data covers domestic (existing and new build), non domestic buildings (existing and new build) and Display Energy Certificates used in certain sized buildings visited by the public. Elmhurst analysed the quarterly statistics for Q2 (April to June 2015) and published our findings, and the same worrying trends are continuing. Overall Volumes


Remodelled report for Legionella software coming soon

30 October 2015

Look out for a new release of our Legionella software early in November, providing your landlords with a revamped and fully comprehensive report to support their risk assessment. The report enhancement is based on early feedback from the risk assessors who are putting their training from Elmhurst Energy into good practice with a growing pipeline of legionella work. Jamie Giltrap, a Legionella Trainer at Elmhurst Energy says: “The software now incorporates some additional questions and


DECs for buildings 250m2 – 500m2

29 October 2015

The DCLG has recently updated its guidance document “A guide to display energy certificates and advisory reports for public buildings” to bring it in line with the “The Energy Performance of Buildings (England and Wales) Regulations 2012” which states that from the 9th July 2015 buildings occupied by public authorities and frequently visited by the public of more than 250 m2 and less than 500m2 will be required to have a valid Display Energy Certificate


Do you need to make an EPC ‘Not For Issue’?

27 October 2015

Occasionally, a DEA may need to make an EPC ‘Not For Issue’ on the Landmark Central Register.  This can be for a variety of reasons, but broadly these fall into two categories: 1. Error identified by the assessor Where the assessor has identified an error with the EPC, or additional evidence comes to light which requires the original certificate be replaced, the EPC should be corrected and re-lodged and Elmhurst notified via email at


A Timely Reminder

23 October 2015

The time of year is no upon us when the clocks go backwards, and the amount of daylight during the evenings is therefore reduced. Assessors are reminded to plan their forward diaries with this change in mind.  Please remember it is a QA requirement that clear pictures of the external elevations are required for all properties, and these cannot be satisfactorily taken in the dark!  We understand that some householders can only arrange evening


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