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Government Publishes Response to Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Schemes Consultation


The government has published their response to the Energy Company Obligation schemes: Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) and Reduced Data SAP (RdSAP) Amendments consultation.

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The government consultation on Energy Company Obligation schemes: SAP and RdSAP Amendments sought views on proposed amendments to legislation, so that the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) schemes could use the latest versions of SAP and RdSAP. The consultation closed for response on 11th September 2023. For more information on the consultation, please read our article: ECO SAP and RdSAP Amendments Consultation – Elmhurst Responds

On Friday 22nd March, the government published their response to the consultation, setting out mid-scheme amendments to the ECO schemes, ECO 4 and the Great British Insultation Scheme (GBIS); both of which are set to run until March 2026.

The response also outlines the requirements for when each version of RdSAP and SAP must be used within the ECO schemes and how the transition will be managed.

The government states that it will amend legislation to bring both schemes in closer alignment with wider industry practice on how energy efficiency ratings are determined.

Key Changes/Information

  • 6-month transitional period:

The consultation response confirms that there will be a 6-month transitional period where RdSAP 9.94 can still be used once RdSAP 10 goes live for ECO4 or GBIS funded projects. However, this is only for the production of Energy Reports, not Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

  • Post assessment software

The response states that if the original pre assessment was conducted using RdSAP 9.94 then the post assessment can be done on RdSAP 9.94 to ensure consistency. However, once RdSAP 10 is released, all new pre assessments must use this new version.

Elmhurst Response:

Elmhurst are pleased that the results of this consultation have been published and all relevant parties, who are working in the supply chain for ECO and GBIS, now have clear guidance to manage the transition from RdSAP 9.94 to RdSAP 10.

We also welcome confirmation that this transition arrangement will only affect Energy Reports and that once RdSAP 10 is released all EPCs must be produced using this new methodology.

Whilst we still do not have a release date available for RdSAP 10, we are working with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to develop the relevant software.

To view the government consultation response, please click the following link: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/energy-company-obligation-schemes-standard-assessment-procedure-sap-and-reduced-data-sap-rdsap-amendments