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Scottish government consult on minimum energy efficiency standards


The Scottish government has recently consulted on their Heat in Buildings Bill, which includes proposals on the minimum energy efficiency standards for the domestic private rental sector and privately owned homes. It also proposes the removal of polluting heating systems from all buildings.

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What does the Bill propose?

The Heat in Buildings Bill proposes measures to enhance the energy performance of existing homes and commercial buildings, with the key points being:

  • Low-Carbon Heating Systems: emphasises on the adoption of low-carbon heating technologies such as heat pumps, district heating systems, and renewable energy sources to ensure Scotland meets their net zero target of 2045.
  • Energy Efficiency Standards: establish minimum energy efficiency standards for residential properties. This includes improving insulation and implementing smart heating controls to optimise energy usage.
  • Decarbonisation of Heat Networks: Heat networks play a vital role in supplying heat to homes and businesses. The bill seeks to decarbonise these networks by promoting the integration of renewable energy sources and waste heat recovery technologies.
  • Support for Homeowners and Landlords: acknowledgement of the financial implications of transitioning to low-carbon heating systems and recognising that funding mechanisms need to be available to facilitate zero carbon heating systems.

Elmhurst Response:

Elmhurst believes that this is a significant step for Scotland in meeting their target to achieve net zero by 2045. Progress to rebalance the ‘green levies’ on electricity must be a priority to incentivise people to install heat pumps and any other zero carbon heating systems.

The minimum energy efficiency standards must be based on a fabric first approach, ideally using the Retrofit standard. In order to demonstrate that the standards are being achieved, we believe the EPC should be used as the tool to measure viability. We would prefer to see a consistent approach across the UK for homes to meet energy efficient standards.

This consultation closes on 8th March 2024. You can access the consultation on the following link: https://www.gov.scot/publications/delivering-net-zero-scotlands-buildings-consultation-proposals-heat-buildings-bill/

To view Elmhurst’s response to the consultation, please click the button below:

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