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NEW STUDY: Warmth and energy efficiency are the key priorities for buyers!

29 March 2016

The top 20 features that a home must have for buyers were identified in a recent study. Warmth and energy efficiency are the key priorities for buyers with central heating and double-glazing filling the top two slots. With Energy Performance Certificates being now very much part of the house buying and renting process. It is with interest that a recent study hit the headlines. Elmhurst Energy is delighted that the top two items purchasers value


Summary of Central Register fee increase

24 March 2016

Over the last week all three UK Governments have made announcements concerning the fees for lodging energy assessment on their Central Register, EST in Scotland and Landmark elsewhere. We have endeavoured to keep Members up-to-date with this information and provide commentary as soon as it arrives, but it's probably wise for us to summarise the position for you.    Domestic On Construction (SAP) EPCs  Domestic (RdSAP) EPCs  Non domestic EPCs, Display  Energy Certificates and Air


DFPNI raise lodgement prices for Northern Ireland

23 March 2016

The Department of Finance and Personal in Northern Ireland (DFPNI) have today informed Elmhurst that they are increasing the lodgement fees for domestic and non domestic lodgements for the Northern Ireland Register. The fees will be the same as for England and Wales lodgements. (See news article released 18/03) The statutory lodgement fees for lodging data onto the Landmark Register are up by up to 63%! Not only this, but the revised fees are set


If ECO adopts deemed scores' we all might lose out

22 March 2016

It is known that DECC are considering the adoption of deemed score to determine the level of funding that is available for ECO installations, and potentially removing the need for an RdSAP calculation to be undertaken. The concept is likely to resemble a similar methodology used during CERT and CESP (predecessors to ECO Policy)  to which some long standing installers look back to fondly. Deemed scoring is likely to use some sort of a matrix,


DCLG Increase EPC Lodgement Fees by up to 63%

18 March 2016

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) have just informed Elmhurst and other Accreditation Schemes of a number of amendments to the Energy Performance of Buildings (England & Wales) Regulations 2012. The shocking news is that the statutory lodgement fees for lodging data onto the Landmark Register are up by up to 63%! Not only this, but the revised fees are set to begin on the 6th April 2016, giving just 11 working days


Changes to RHI Announced

17 March 2016

Elmhurst member's will be aware of the recent consultation proposals on the Renewal Heat Incentive, for which comments are required by 27th April (see here), however someone has decided we shouldn't wait for the consulation to close and some changes will come into force on 24th March 2016. Three points are likely to be of specific interest to Elmhurst Members: 1. RHI applications no longer require Green Deal Assessments The current requirement that domestic RHI applications


Major Green groups have condemned the Governments latest budget

17 March 2016

George Osborne delivered his latest budget and criticism has been noticeable aimed at the large tax breaks given to oil and gas exploration in the North Sea. As the Government seek to protect jobs as well as drive tax revenue from selling more gas and oil. Mr Osborne was also criticised for using the expression ‘this is a budget for future generations’ but avoided any major policy decisions which drives the UK on towards the


Renewable Heat Incentive- Government Review

16 March 2016

During the Autumn, the Government renewed its commitment to a low carbon economy by confirming a continued budget for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.  As part of the commitment, a review has been taking place to ensure the scheme meets its objectives. A consultation has been undertaken and a DECC consultation document has now been published.  This confirms that RHI is central to the Government’s plans to help develop secure, affordable and clean energy. 


implementation of Paris agreement is "not whether we do it, but how"

15 March 2016

The UK is legally bound to by the Climate Change act, which requires an 80% cut in emissions by 2050 At Paris in December 2015 countries committed to further reduce global emissions down from peak levels as soon as possible and ultimately "net zero emissions". Andrea Leadsom, the Minister of State at Department of Energy and Climate stated in parliament "The government believes that we will need to take the step of enshrining the Paris


History of RdSAP

14 March 2016

It is now 10 years since RdSAP was officially recognised by Government. The EU ‘Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)’ forced member states to implement laws to reduce energy use in buildings across Europe. The 2 articles that drove Energy Performance Certificates forward were the following: Article 7 “...when buildings are constructed, sold or rented out, an energy performance certificate is made available to the owner or by the owner to the prospective buyer or


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