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Customer Service CPD Course

23 January 2016

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression! Dealing with your customers in the right way from the very first enquiry can help to ensure you are selected for the job, remembered for future work and able to use your excellent customer relationships to your advantage when growng your business pipeline. Elmhurst Energy's new Customer Service CPD course is designed to help those dealing with customers face-to-face, via telephone or via other media


Mortgage Lending and the EPC

22 January 2016

Elmhurst Energy welcomes a new initiative to investigate the economic impact of efficient homes. The UK Green Building Council is today launching a project which aims to research the link between energy costs, affordability and mortgage borrowing. The project will involve a combination of respected industry and educational establishments. As many of our older customers will know, Elmhurst Energy started life over 20 years ago, providing a system by which ‘Home Energy Reports’ could be created


We Hope You Like Our New Website

20 January 2016

For us it was a case of 'new year new website' as we've launched a new design and navigation for All on a new platform that should make our content easier to read from a mobile device. Check out our updated content on our training pages and training calendar to help you find the course you need. Anyone visiting the site who wishes to log into our Members' portal, Access Elmhurst, can login via the


The Importance of EPC Accuracy

18 January 2016

There is currently discussion amongst assessors about whether it is fair to receive an audit failure ‘just’ because the inspection date on an EPC is incorrect. DEAs should be mindful that each time they lodge an EPC they are creating a legal document. It would be unacceptable for a lawyer to issue a Will or Conveyancing document which contained errors, including the wrong date, but some assessors are of the opinion that an audit failure


House Sales flat but set for significant improvement

13 January 2016

Government data shows what many of us have been experiencing, that house sales were flat for much of 2015; but the good news is the future is much brighter. According to the latest figures from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) completed sales fell from 122,000 in October to 106,000 in November which is an indication that things were slow in the spring and summer periods. The good news is that the British Bankers' Association (BBA)


Most companies now comply with ESOS legislation - do you?

06 January 2016

The Environment  Agency have reported that over half of eligible organisations have taken action to comply with the ESOS legislation, and several thousand more have confirmed the process is well advanced and a lead assessor has been appointed. For the minority of companies that have done nothing then time really is running out and the Environment Agency are adamant that enforcement action will be taken  •             If you represent an eligible company, which in essence


DECC Statistical Release: Quarterly and Monthly Energy Statistics

22 December 2015

Quarterly Energy Statistics The latest provisional quarterly energy statistics for Q3 2015 produced by the Department of Energy and Climate Change were released on 22 December 2015 according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority. Read the release in full Monthly Energy Statistics The latest provisional monthly energy statistics for October 2015 produced by the Department of Energy and Climate Change were released on 22 December 2015 according to the arrangements


DECC announces review of the Feed-in Tariff Scheme

17 December 2015

The long awaited review of the FIT scheme has been published this morning by DECC. The industry has been waiting for this to be clarified, ever since the review started in August 2015. The announcement comes days after signing the Paris Climate Deal (COP21) with binding agreements  to lower the UKs carbon emissions. The headlines are that Domestic Solar installations up to 10kW in size will now receive a feed-in tariff rate of 4.39p/kWH.


Buy to let landlords must ensure minimum energy standards.

15 December 2015

The first impact of the Energy Act is happening with prospective buy-to-let landlords being required to demonstrate that their purchase has achieved minimum energy standards before the mortgage funds will be released. In summary from April 2016 any tenant can request that the landlord implement "no upfront cost" improvements and the landlord cannot reasonably refuse From 1st April 2018 landlords entering a new short hold tenancy agreement must provide the tenant with a current


Climate Change Conference

14 December 2015

Paris COP 21 - a boost for energy efficiency? Elmhurst Energy has been following the run up to the Paris COP21 with great interest and attempted to steer opinion through a number articles published in September and November. We are therefore delighted that the conference closed with what appears to be significant progress having been made. The Climate Change Conference closed on 12th December with all 200 participating nations agreeing to set new and increasing


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