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Professional Recognition

01 December 2017

We are delighted to report that our Head of Commercial Amo Sihra was awarded chartered membership of the ‘Chartered Association of Building Engineers’ (CABE) an award that recognises Amo's years of experience and professionalism in the energy assessment of buildings. The award was significant to Elmhurst for another reason too. As leaders in energy efficiency in the built environment, and the largest EPC accreditation body in the UK, Elmhurst recognises that it has a responsibility


Use DECs to cut energy bills in the public sector

30 November 2017

As previously reported the Clean Growth Strategy has been the catalyst for a  flurry of consultation documents and "calls for evidence" that refer to energy certificates. The latest needing a response is a call for evidence titled "Leading By Example - Cutting energy bills and carbon emissions in the public and higher education sectors". The government report that public and higher education sectors have cut their energy use by 10%, saving around £200 million and


Elmhurst seeks to protect tenants in the letting and managing agent market

29 November 2017

Elmhurst has today responded to the Government consultation on 'Protecting consumers in the letting and managing agent market'. The Government recognises that more and more people are renting their homes, which has fuelled a growth of a multi-billion pound property agent market. Indeed the Competition and Markets Authority(CMA) estimate that service charges alone could cost a staggering £2.5 and £3.5 billion per year. It is noted that Agents play a vital role in protecting people’s properties


SAP Consultation Response Published

28 November 2017

On Friday 17th November BEIS published the industry responses to the consultation on proposals to amend SAP, with the next version known as ‘SAP 10’. The full consultation response can be found here. Elmhurst have analysed the responses in detail and noted the following important points. When will the next change in SAP occur? The consultation response stated; “We expect the SAP 10 methodology to be published in 2018, but it may be used by


DCLG consultation 2 - Protecting Consumers in the letting and managing agent market

27 November 2017

In the wake of the Clean Growth Strategy Government have published a flurry of consultation documents, and "calls for evidence", that impact on EPCs. The latest titled 'Protecting consumers in the letting and managing agent market' is requesting evidence that consumers have inadequate protection from unscrupulous letting and managing agents in the private rented residential sector. The Government states that there is "overwhelming evidence of the harm that some people experience" and cite evidence such


The missing piece of the Jigsaw

23 November 2017

Over the years Elmhurst and our members have had numerous discussions with homeowners about EPCs and why the data may not reflect their own experiences. Whilst not a new message we thought it might be useful to publish this description to help build that understanding. The following two statements are flung around too easily: “These aren’t my fuel bills?” Correct– however the RdSAP rating is not about the homeowner, but the property (the asset). It


Elmhurst Responds to ‘How to make Green Deal Better?’

23 November 2017

Elmhurst Energy, the UK's leading EPC Accreditation Scheme has today responded to the Governments call for evidence on ‘How to make the Green Deal better?’ BEIS asked industry for views on how to make Green Deal more streamlined and more effective. They recognise that the current version of Green Deal has not taken off in the numbers wanted by Government. In the Elmhurst response we have stated that ‘high level’ concept of Green Deal is


Budget Reaction: Chancellor should have incentivised energy efficiency

22 November 2017

Elmhurst Energy is fully supportive of today’s budget announcement to scrap stamp duty for first time buyers on properties costing up to £300,000, and to boost the building of new homes by 50%, to 300,000, by 2025. What is disappointing is that the opportunity to incentivise the purchase of energy efficient homes was missed. Elmhurst Energy has always supported a 'carrot and stick' approach to energy efficiency and we believe that in his November budget the


How to make Green Deal Better? A Call for Evidence

21 November 2017

BEIS are asking industry for views on how to make Green Deal more streamlined and more effective. They recognise that the current version of Green Deal has not taken off in the numbers wanted by Government. They are in need of a ‘Call for Evidence’ and encourage all of Industry to respond with ideas. Elmhurst welcomes the 'Call for Evidence' and having invested much time and effort in producing approved software tools for the Green


RdSAP 9.93 update incoming

15 November 2017

Elmhurst has just been informed that Government have given the green light for the planned update to RdSAP version 9.93. The release date for this update has been confirmed as this Sunday 19th November. As previously communicated to our members this was originally planned for the 5th November and was delayed. What is changing? Thankfully, not a lot. You will pleased to know that most of the proposed changes are ‘under the bonnet’ tweaks to the


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