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Elmhurst Digital- Strategic Asset Management Solution

01 February 2018

In 2016 Northgate Public Services needed to find a solution to replace their existing energy calculator/module within their Strategic Asset Management (SAM) System. The software solutions arm of Elmhurst, 'Elmhurst Digital', analysed the requirements and developed a bespoke solution for them. About Northgate Public Services Northgate Public Services’ supply IT solutions and services to the public sector and are based in the UK and around the world. One of their flag ship solutions is the


Elmhurst Trainer to compete in London Marathon

26 January 2018

One of Elmhurst's fantastic trainers, Andy Knapp, is taking part in this years London Marathon (22nd April), in memory of his father, and all for a great cause. Andy has been an assessor with Elmhurst since 2007, undertaking both Domestic and Commercial energy assessments. However, a lot of assessors may recognise him if they have attended an Elmhurst training course in the last few years.  Since April 2015 Andy has delivered our Domestic and Non-Domestic qualification


A useful tip for faster technical support

19 January 2018

Our technical support teams work hard to answer any and all queries put to them by our valued members.  The support teams, which assist Residential, New Build and Commercial energy assessors, answer over 1000 calls per week (and that’s not including calls to other parts of the business). As with many businesses we have different phone numbers for each team, to ensure that members get through to a support team member with the relevant technical


ALERT: Expired EPC

19 January 2018

Elmhurst is delighted to announce that this Sunday the central EPC Registers for England & Wales and Northern Ireland are implementing an ‘Expired Report’ watermark to out of date EPCs, something that Elmhurst has been requesting for a number of years. The welcome change should make it clear to professionals involved in the property business such as conveyancers, estate agents, letting agents, landlords etc that an EPC created over 10 years ago is no longer


Climate Change Committee tells the Government to get moving

17 January 2018

An independent report by the Climate Change Committee (CCC) on the Clean Growth Strategy issued today, aligns with Elmhurst's view that whilst the ambition is good; what is now needed is the detailed policy. The report analyses the Clean Growth Strategy in different sectors including energy efficiency in buildings. In the report Lord Deben, Chairman of the CCC states:  “The Strategy, and related announcements, has set out strong ambitions – including to improve the energy


DCLG change name to MHCLG

10 January 2018

In the recent cabinet re-shuffle both the department heads that affect energy efficiency in buildings namely Sajid Javid and Greg Clark both remain in place. In an interesting move the Department for Communities Local Government (DCLG) has been renamed as the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG). It should be recognised that housing was always included in the brief of DCLG, but just not recognised in its name. Sajid Javid states on the


Elmhurst responds to the 'Most important consultation for decades!'

09 January 2018

Today Elmhurst responded to the Government Consultation on ‘Building a market for energy efficiency’; we stated last week that this is the most important consultation for decades as this is the first time ever that Government are asking industry to contribute with, amongst a wide range of topics, our views on whether there should be a link between Energy Efficiency and stamp duty or council tax.  Elmhurst, the UK's largest EPC Accreditation Scheme, thanks its


The most important consultation for decades

05 January 2018

The Government are currently seeking views on additional measures and incentives that will encourage home-owners to invest in energy efficiency improvements. Over the years we have all hoped that ‘energy efficiency’ would rise up the agenda for the 27 million home owners and occupiers in the UK. However this is the first time ever that Government are asking industry to contribute with, amongst a wide range of topics, our views on whether there should be


Elmhurst respond to Government's review of Energy & Carbon Reporting

04 January 2018

Earlier in the week Elmhurst published its draft response to Government who wish to simplify the current Energy and Carbon Reporting procedures. Having received feedback from Members Elmhurst is pleased to have completed their response which will be uploaded before tonight's deadline. Elmhurst Summary of Recommendations: The concept of ESOS is sound but its light touch was open to abuse. Elmhurst proposes that; The scope of ESOS should be made BREXIT friendly and mirror existing


Use ESOS to streamline Energy & Carbon Reporting

03 January 2018

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) are consulting on "Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting" in an effort to raise awareness, reduce bills and save carbon for large businesses in the UK. In her Ministerial foreword Claire Perry, Minister of State says that "Energy efficiency is vital to business productivity, security of energy supplies, and supports the transition to a low-carbon economy." Government recognise that currently there are just too many different policies,


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