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Big Plans for Scotland's 'Green Recovery'

02 September 2020

Yesterday, Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon introduced the 'Protecting Scotland, Renewing Scotland' programme which established the high level actions that Scottish Government will be taking in the coming year and beyond.  Despite the immediate challenges presented by COVID-19, Scottish Government is still committed to reaching its goal of net zero by 2045 and this remains central to its new programme. According to the programme Scotland's economic recovery will be very much a green one with


Why are some people’s homes overheating?

25 August 2020

For many years Elmhurst have pushed the mantra to “build tight & ventilate right”. We have always advocated that ‘energy conservation’ Regulations Part L (England & Wales), Section 6 (Scotland) and Part F (Northern Ireland), must be enforced alongside the ‘Ventilation’ Regulations. One without the other leads to unintended consequences such as poor air quality and overheating. The good news is that a consultation on overheating in homes is expected soon from the Ministry of


Welsh Government announces social housing retrofit programme

21 August 2020

The Welsh Government has announced a £9.5 million programme to support the energy efficient and low-carbon retrofit of social housing in Wales. The Optimised Retrofit Programme (ORP), is part of the Welsh government's larger Innovative Housing Programme, and will fund the installation of energy efficiency measures in up to 1000 existing homes owned by registered social landlords and councils. The programme is also set to reduce energy bills for occupants and provide new job opportunities.


“Planning for the Future” consultation spells good news for new build

10 August 2020

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has issued the “Planning for the Future” consultation, a white paper document designed to build trust, give developers more certainty and ultimately speed up the building process in England. The Secretary of State for Housing Communities and Local Government, The Rt Hon Robert Jenrick, claimed that his proposal will: streamline the planning process with more democracy taking place more effectively at the planning stage take a radical,


EPCs at the core of Local Authority Green Homes Grant

06 August 2020

When the Government announced the detail of the new Green Homes Grant scheme on Tuesday (4th) Elmhurst were quick to criticise the lack of reference to EPCs and them not requiring measures to be installed in accordance with PAS 2035 (BSI’s flagship standard for deep retrofit), however there is a second scheme which does retain EPCs at the core, the Local Authority Green Homes Grant. In addition to the £1.5bn Green Homes Grant that is


Build upon the Green Homes Grant now

05 August 2020

This week we welcomed the further detail of the Green Homes Grant, which is set to make £2 billion available for improving the energy efficiency of homes in England. The grant will be made available from September onwards. The Chancellor made it very clear that this injection of money would create jobs and also introduce green improvements to homes, with the installation of these green measures undertaken to the very best quality standards and guarantees.


Life as a Legionella Risk Assessor

04 August 2020

"9 times out of 10 as soon as I start talking to a customer an EPC turns into a Legionella assessment." The recent rule change in Scotland has led to a boom in demand for Legionella assessments. But how can DEAs transition into this line of work, both in Scotland and south of the border, and what are the benefits of undergoing training? Stephen Thomson from Scotia Energy Assessors shares his experience of how being


Mixed emotions about the new Green Homes Grant

04 August 2020

This morning the government has released more details regarding the Green Homes Grant. In essence: The scheme applies only in England The fund is £2 billion and is expected to assist up to 600,000 homeowners. Consumers can claim vouchers worth up to £5,000 (66% funding) and £10,000 (100% funding) for low income households. The available measures are split into “primary” and “secondary” categories and households will need to install at least one of the primary


The advantage of having online training and CPD during the pandemic

29 July 2020

As an energy assessor, it’s not only incredibly useful to continuously expand on your knowledge and skillset, it’s also a legal obligation. In fact, all certified energy assessors in the UK must adhere to a mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) policy if they wish to maintain a valid certification.  This means that you must participate in additional learning activities, keep your skills up to date, and widen your general knowledge in your specialist area. CPD and Covid-19


Joining Elmhurst's U-Value Competency scheme

27 July 2020

“I was just providing SAP calculations for a client but one day I added that I can also do U-Values and now I get around 5 emails from them each week.” Aine Murray is an accredited OCDEA for BPP Energy in Belfast. After six months of providing U-Values for clients she decided to take the plunge and join Elmhurst’s recognised U-Value competency scheme. We caught up with Aine to find out why she joined the


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