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Scotland’s new Programme for Government brings good news for Elmhurst members!

05 September 2019

First Minister for Scotland Nicola Sturgeon has laid out an ambitious climate programme in this year’s Programme for Government. The measures follow the First Minister’s declaration of a Climate Emergency, earlier in the year, and will form part of ending Scotland’s contribution to climate change and securing a positive future for generations to come. The proposals include some exciting news for energy assessors: a ‘Green New Deal’, harnessing the power of the Scottish National Investment


Demand for EPCs grows by 31%

02 September 2019

Elmhurst’s DEA members in England and Wales have seen record levels of growth in the last 18 months with lodgement volumes having grown by 31% - perhaps surprising considering the lack of national energy efficiency initiatives and a sluggish sales market. The number of EPCs issued in the private retail sector has grown by over 200% in the same period - a dramatic growth which could have three possible drivers: The first, and most obvious,


Real time energy data

27 August 2019

Elmhurst members may be interested in a new app called Energy Watch GB that gives a near real time presentation of how much energy the UK has consumed that day and how it was produced.  The app not only gives a simple pie chart of the source of our energy but also generates charts displaying demand, source and how much electricity we are buying in from abroad, throughout the day.  David Thomas and Andrew Townsend


Top tips for becoming a domestic energy assessor

23 August 2019

With flexible hours and the ability to be your own boss becoming a domestic energy assessor (DEA) is becoming more and more appealing. However, it isn't simply a job that you can just walk into. Here are all of the different ways that you can become a domestic energy assessor. Fulfil the requirements To become a DEA, there are a few requirements that you must first fulfil. You must get a Level 3 Certificate in


Up to 20 million energy certificates made “open data”

23 August 2019

Elmhurst Energy is delighted to announce that The Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has updated the open data register of Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates to include all certificates issued up to 31st May 2019. Access to the data is free and requires users to complete a simple registration process, which takes seconds. Elmhurst is delighted that this invaluable data resource has been updated and believe that, in the right


Elmhurst shortlisted for the Energy Efficiency Awards 2019

22 August 2019

Elmhurst Energy has been shortlisted for the National Energy Efficiency Awards 2019, competing in the category for National Quality Management, Compliance & Training Company of the Year. The National Energy Efficiency Awards is an annual event which aims to increase public recognition of the excellent work that the energy efficiency sector is undertaking on behalf of government. The Energy Efficiency Awards have already hosted 11 regional events this year, recognising the efforts of both companies


More proof than ever that the EPC is here to stay

21 August 2019

As the UK’s largest independent accreditation scheme for energy efficiency professionals, we have been approached by a steady stream of members asking how Brexit will affect the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Until now we have resisted the temptation to comment, because, as you know, Brexit seems to be a shifting concept! But having scrutinised government legislation, as well as upcoming regulations and existing climate commitments, we are more confident than ever that the EPC has


More oversight needed to enforce Scottish building standards?

19 August 2019

The environment group Greenpeace has urged that Building Regulations be enforced by a national agency. Under the current system, builders can self-certify that they have applied with the relevant codes, with limited oversight by council officials. Greenpeace views this as problematic, and, as part of their case, assert that building energy standards must be made more stringent in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Housebuilders and the Scottish Government were at pains to highlight that


Elmhurst Energy introduces Elmhurst Risk Solutions

13 August 2019

Elmhurst Energy is broadening the insurance offering that its members have access to by introducing its new trusted insurance partners, Elmhurst Risk Solutions. Elmhurst's member insurance policy currently provides free Professional Indemnity (PI) and Public Liability (PL) cover up to the value of £10 million for accredited members. However, additional activities commonly undertaken by energy assessors such as producing ad hoc reports, and giving non-verbal/binding guidance to property owners, are not covered by this free


Latest RdSAP (v9.94) update is coming soon

09 August 2019

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is the tool that the government has chosen to measure the energy efficiency of buildings within the UK. It was first introduced to domestic dwellings for marketed sale and rental in 2008. Over the last 11 years the Reduced data Standard Assessment Procedure (RdSAP), which is the assessment methodology behind the EPC, has been subject to a number of version changes. These changes have increased the amount of data included


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