Winter Deaths 'highest since 1999'

Elmhurst Energy was extremely disappointed to hear the news that there were an estimated 43,900 excess deaths in England and Wales last winter, the highest number since 1999.

It’s the 21st Century and we still have deaths due to cold weather! As Elmhurst have said many times we need a simple and consistent strategy to help improve our poorest homes. It is pointless investing billions (£s) into new nuclear power stations if we don't also concentrate on keeping our homes warm (energy efficiency!). The current policies are akin to keep filling up your car with more and more petrol and ignoring the hole in your tank.

We know where the worst performing homes are. Government own the register with over 14.5million EPCs already produced. We still await the joined up strategy to get improving these cold homes.

Last year was a mild winter, let’s hope that it is not excessively cold this year, otherwise we will be counting these very sorry figures again and again.


Stuart Fairlie  - Head of Technical Elmhurst Energy

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