VAT- free statutory lodgement fee for Elmhurst's Scottish members.

We have been advised by the Scottish Government that in line with England and Wales, VAT will no longer be charged on the "statutory" lodgement fee, i.e. the element charged by EST. Please note that your invoices from us will still reflect VAT until official notification is received from EST and that VAT still applies to the charge made by Approved Organisations for calculation and submission.

In 2014, Elmhurst Energy led the industry in ensuring its members received the full financial benefits of the VAT removal (in England and Wales) in the fastest, most efficient way. We are committed to achieving this again.

Regarding this matter, it is our responsibility to deal only with VAT for lodgements made through Elmhurst’s scheme.

EST and Scottish Government have promised further details in the coming weeks and as such, our members are not required to take any action at this time. However, as soon as we receive more information, you can rest assured that we will immediately advise you on any necessary actions you should take.

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