There's a Hole in our Bucket Dear Amber, By Martyn Reed

Recent news of a major set-back in the UK’s longer term programme for energy production should come as a stark reminder of ongoing challenges for the energy industry. Reports that EDF is struggling to secure finance for the construction of Britain's first new nuclear power plant in decades means we can no longer expect the plant to start generating power in 2023 as planned. The delay further illustrates how current strategies mean that delivery for our future energy needs is far from assured.

In which case, one would question why it appears that Government is turning its back on some significant opportunities to generate or save energy. 

DECC's current annual budget is estimated at nearly £4 billion, employ 1500 staff and yet 82% is focussed on generation, predominately nuclear. Solar energy production will be drastically affected by its proposed significant cuts to the Feed in Tariff programme as too will energy efficiency in the home through the withdrawal of funds for Green Deal. And this brings us to a more important point.

If our poorly insulated homes can be seen as leaky buckets with big holes, then surely it's better to plug those holes rather than to concentrate on building a bigger tap.

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