RdSAP Conventions Update

RdSAP Conventions Update

Elmhurst's members will have received a communication from us detailing the forthcoming changes to the RdSAP Conventions agreed by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), the Department of Finance & Personnel (NI) and the Scottish Government. The changes come into effect from Tuesday 30th June 2015,  affecting all Domestic Energy Assessors across all UK regions. Elmhurst Energy is working with its members to provide additional technical support through the usual channels and has issued a full Technical Bulletin  (TB24 All RdSAP Conventions June 2015)  giving details of the changes.

The Technical Bulletin (TB24) alongside a series of revised Technical Bulletins and a revised RdSAP manual, can be found in the Access Elmhurst Members' Portal (see the Documents Download Section). Each Technical Bulletin includes a logo advising members of the CPD hours which can be claimed. 

It is essential that you keep up to date with these changes. As always, we will keep you informed of relevant developments but please do not hesitate to contact the Existing Dwellings team if you have any queries or require further information regarding the new conventions.

See list of additional useful Technical Bulletins for members below:

  • Technical Bulletin (TB03 - SAP v RdSAP) for guidance and a flow chart which clarifies when RdSAP or Full SAP methodology should be used.
  • Technical Bulletin (TB05 - Listed Buildings) for guidance on EPCs for Listed Buildings, including links to additional information.
  • Technical Bulletin (TB07 - Electric Room & Storage Heaters) for detailed guidance on electric room and storage heaters, including high heat retention models.
  • Technical Bulletin (TB08 - Sheltered & Alternative Walls) for guidance on entering alternative or sheltered walls into the RdSAP software.
  • Technical Bulletin (TB13 - Transaction Types & Related Party Disclosure) for a detailed explanation of transaction types and the various options in the software 'Disclosure' section.  
  • Technical Bulleting (TB56 - A Guide to Electricity Meters) for detailed guidance on the various types of electricity meter.

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