OFGEM position on considering occupancy assessment in ECO calculations

OFGEM have issued a recent communication to Utility Companies stating, absolutely, that ECO requires assessment of carbon savings to be based on a standard occupancy pattern and that it is not permissible to change data as a result of an occupancy assessment.

Elmhurst only provides fully approved software to Industry. The Elmhurst RdSAP, SAP and ECO software do not have an "occupancy mode" or any means of amending parameters from standard occupancy.

All Elmhurst software is produced in accordance to the specification issued by DECC, DCLG and Ofgem, and all are fully approved by the BRE on behalf of Government/Ofgem.

All RdSAP, SAP and ECO software that is approved can be checked here:

The Approved Elmhurst Green Deal Occupancy Assessment software is specified to include occupancy parameters as per Government requirements. 

To be confident that Ofgem’s requirements are satisfied you are recommended to use only Elmhurst's approved ECO, RdSAP or SAP software that does not permit occupancy assessment data to produce any carbon scores for the purposes of ECO.

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