Important Reminder About Roof Rooms

Where a room-in-a-roof has been created or upgraded after the original build date of the building part beneath, assessors must follow RdSAP Convention 3.13 which states that documentary evidence is required to enter a date band later than the original build date.

Elmhurst’s QA team has reported an increase in the number of audit failures because this Convention has not been followed. 

If a bungalow is converted to a multi-floor dwelling or a house has a roof room conversion added, Building Regulations would be required and a Completion Certificate bearing the property address should be obtained by the assessor as evidence of the conversion date for RdSAP purposes.

Where such documentary evidence is not available, the roof room date must be entered into the RdSAP software as the same date band as the building part below.

Please note:  a plan simply showing the proposed conversion of the roof room is not considered to be documentary evidence by itself - a document certifying that the roof room was upgraded to a higher standard is therefore required (e.g. a Building Control completion certificate).

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