Elmhurst Energy Responds to Announcement on Feed in Tariffs

Energy assessors will be very aware that this announcement on Feed in Tariffs (FiTs) follows the disappointing news from DECC concerning the funding of Green Deal. At Elmhurst Energy, we will be working hard to support our members and the wider energy assessor industry through these changes.

We will also be responding to the consultation by giving our full support to the solar industry. We will explain the negative impact of the proposals to the government and ask them to  safeguard the infrastructure that it has built over the last five years. Green Deal and Feed In Tariffs were designed to work in parallel to both reduce energy demand and reliance on fossil fuels. Sadly, current government actions appear set against energy efficiency and the renewable industry. 

From a wider perspective, it appears obvious that this government believes that producing more fossil fuels though fracking is the solution to fuel poverty, but finding a new source of fossil fuel can only give temporary respite to the inevitable price increases that come from diminishing supplies and does little to slow global warming in the long term.

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