Date for Part L 2013 - England

Date for Part L 2013 (England) Transitional Provisions has passed

House builders who submitted applications to Building Control ahead of the implementation of Part L1A 2013 in England should note that the date by which work should be commenced in order to ensure the site fully meets the transitional provisions has now expired.

To qualify to meet the transitional provisions put in place for Part L1A 2013 an initial notice, building notice or full plans submission must have been served before 6th April 2014 and work must have been commenced on site before 6th April 2015. Where a site meets these transitional provisions Part L1A 2010 will apply. The definition of ‘commencement of work’ can be found here

The transitional provisions apply on a site wide basis, so if one plot has started construction with the qualifying period then the whole site can be assessed against Part L1A 2010.

For any site that applied for building regulations prior to 6th April 2014 and has started work on site before 6th April 2015, Design SAP 2009 should be used for compliance against Part L1A 2010. If the builder has not started work on site in this period then compliance must now be assessed against Part L1A 2013 and Design SAP 2012 must be used.

If you have any questions on which version of Design SAP to use please call our OCDEA Support Team on 01455 883 236.

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