Government Response to Energy Market Pricing Criticism

Amber Rudd has issued a response to recent criticism from the Competitions Market Authority (CMA) that energy companies do not deliver best prices for customers. The response references the government’s current efforts to introduce smart metering, increase the ability for consumers to switch suppliers and set minimum performance levels for those that wish to switch.

 These are positive steps to dealing with pricing concerns but Elmhurst Energy would like to have seen the response go even further in making the very relevant link to energy efficiency and in highlighting the simple truth that the cheapest energy is the energy that you don't use.  Surely most consumers want to pay less for energy and that means a combination of consuming less and paying less for it. Government and industry should take every opportunity to inform bill payers of the dual aspect of fuel economy. Focussing only on the latter presents a limited and short term gain.

See full response.

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