A Bad Week for the Insulation Industry

This week two major insulation companies have announced the loss of staff and our sincere sympathies go out to all the staff and families affected.

Please remember that Domestic Energy Assessor qualifications are held by the individual and can be used to support an application for accreditation which, if all the other criteria are met, could be an opportunity and the start of a new career.

For Elmhurst Members wishing to become accredited with their own account please complete the application provided in the following link: http://www.elmhurstenergy.co.uk/other-pages/creating-an-additional-accreditation-account

For qualified Energy Assessors wishing to be accredited by Elmhurst for the first time complete the application provided in the following link: http://www.elmhurstenergy.co.uk/other-pages/application-to-be-an-accredited-energy-assessor

For anyone with an interest in energy efficiency and considering a career as a Domestic Energy Assessor click here to see a description of training and accreditation process and what we can do to help 


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