Elmhurst Energy's approved GDIP calculator

 Elmhurst’s GDIP tool is based on a simple four-step process which can be used by both Green Deal Providers and Advisors.

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Green Deal Providers can use the tool to amend a lodged Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR), for example to remove improvement measures or update existing improvement measure data values to suit the individual customer’s requirements. The original Green Deal Advisor can also use the tool to add in further improvement measures which were not included in the original Occupancy Assessment (OA).

The benefits:

  • Update the original OA to reflect the customer’s requirements

  • Create a GDIP report without revisiting the property

  • Add, remove and amend improvement measures (access restrictions may apply)

  • Quick four-step process

  • Available to both Green Deal Providers and Advisors


The GDIP report is included with an Elmhurst OA, where required. Non-Elmhurst OAs may also be used with the GDIP tool at a cost of just £2, plus VAT, per report.

Should you have any queries regarding Elmhurst’s GDIP tool, please do not hesitate to email us at: info@elmhurstenergy.co.uk

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