Proposed changes to the Green Deal Code of Practice and Assessor Specification

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The GDOrb, the organisation that administers the Green Deal on behalf of DECC, has announced proposed changes to the Green Deal Code of Practice and Assessor Specification documents which, if approved, will take effect on 19th June.

What you should do

There is no requirement to take any immediate action. However you should make yourself familiar with the changes (below) before 19th June so that you are able to amend your quality management system wherever necessary by this date. In the meantime, we will continue to assess the effect of the changes by correspondence and pass on any more details as soon as we have them. You should send any enquiries to our Existing Dwellings Team on 01455 883 257.

Further details on the proposed changes

Code of Practice

The draft Code of Practice (Version 4) was laid before Parliament on 2 April 2014 and, if approved, will come into force on 19 June 2014 at which time it will replace version 3, issued on 31 July 2013. From the date the new Code of Practice comes into force, all Green Deal Participants and Certification Bodies must comply with the new version.

The Green Deal Code of Practice sets out the criteria that Providers, Assessors and Installers must follow in order to operate under the Green Deal banner.

The Code is designed to ensure that all Green Deal participants operate fairly, transparently and effectively so that consumers signing up to the Green Deal can be confident that they are taking part in a properly regulated scheme that will provide them with real benefits.

The code is intended to;

  • give Confidence that the people they are dealing with have appropriate training, qualifications and customer service procedures in place; an
  • define a clear process for dealing with complaints which includes a designated independent Green Deal Ombudsman.
  • specify clear procedures for every stage; and
  • provide guidance and rules for the use of Green Deal marketing material.

Assessor specification

Simultaneously with the change to the Code of Conduct the GDOrb has announced minor changes to the Assessor Specification to ensure it remains "in step" with the Code of Practice. The opportunity has been taken to clarify minor requirements and to correct some errors .

Where can I get the documents from?

You can download a copy of the draft Code of Practice here and a summary of the changes is available here

Simultaneously the GDOrb has made some minor amendments to the Assessor Specification:, and guidance on these changes is available

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