DCLG Announce EPBD Changes

In late December, the Department of Communities and Local Governments (DCLG) published a number of documents announcing changes that will directly affect the production and use of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and Display Energy Certificates (DECs). These changes will take effect from the 9th January 2013, and will have a direct impact on Elmhurst members.

The official published statement from the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at DCLG can be found here, while updated guides relating to EPCs can be found by following this link.  However, please see below for a brief summary of the changes.

From the 9th January 2013:

  • Property advertisements in commercial media (print and digital) will need to include details of the asset rating (i.e. energy band) where applicable.
  • It will no longer be a requirement to attach the front page of an EPC to written materials.
  • Listed Buildings will not require an EPC
  • The size of public building required to display a DEC will decrease to 500sqm.
  •  DECs for public buildings that fall between 500sqm and 1000sqm will have a validity period of ten years, while it remains yearly for properties over 1000sqm.
  • Privately owned commercial buildings that are frequently visited by the public and are over 500sqm will be required to clearly display an EPC where one has already been issued, or when they are being sold, let or built after the 9th January.
  • Stand-alone buildings with a total useful floorspace of less than 50sqm will no longer require an EPC

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