Insurance with Elmhurst Energy 

Free PI and PL insurance cover available when you lodge with Elmhurst Energy. Designed to provide peace of mind to our members and their clients. 

As a trained and qualified energy assessor who is accredited with a government approved accreditation scheme, you will need to arrange Professional Indemnity (PI) and Public Liability (PL) insurance in order to cover the work you do as an energy assessor (something which is stated in the Scheme Operating Requirements).

However, as an Elmhurst accredited member you won't need to spend time or money arranging third party PI and PL insurance to lodge reports and certificates, as this is included free of charge when you lodge with Elmhurst.

FREE Professional Indemnity (PI) and Public Liability (PL) Cover

Energy assessors can often find it difficult to win public contracts due to the level of cover required. However, Elmhurst members can benefit from increased PI and PL insurance cover which gives them the best chance of winning public sector contracts with local councils, government authorities and larger property developers.

£10m Professional Indemnity (PI)

Professional Indemnity insurance is there to cover you in the unlikely event that a mistake or error has been made when carrying out work for a customer. This could include incorrect written advice or mistakes within energy calculations. Elmhurst's insurance policy covers you for up to £10,000,000 in a single claim, absorbing the legal costs and expenses in defending the claim, as well as compensation to rectify the mistake/s that have been made.

£10m Public Liability (PL)

Accidents happen, however Public Liability insurance can cover personal injury or property damage claims made against you or your business by members of the public. The £10,000,000 cover available for Elmhurst members can cover the compensation and legal expenses incurred by the claims process.

As energy assessors regularly interact with members of the public there is a greater risk of claims being made, which is why it is important to have this insurance in place.

Elmhurst's Insurance Policy

Members can access a summary of Elmhurst's insurance policy and the cover provided, from Access Elmhurst.

Elmhurst Energy's insurance policy covers the activities of Elmhurst accredited members in the production of:

  • Energy Performance Certificates,
  • Technical Surveys in conjunction with Energy Performance Certificates,
  • Energy Performance Reports,
  • Green Deal Advice Reports,
  • Inventory Reports,
  • Non-dwelling Energy Performance Certificates,
  • Display Energy Certificates,
  • Display Energy Certificates plus Advisory report,
  • Advisory report,
  • New Build Dwellings As-Designed Compliance Reports,
  • On-Construction Energy Performance Certificates,
  • As-built Compliance reports when produced in conjunction with a corresponding lodged On-Construction Energy Performance Certificate,
  • Block Compliance reports,
  • Zero Carbon Reports,
  • Energy Company Obligation,
  • Legionella Assessment reports,
  • Air Conditioning Inspection Reports,
  • Section 63 Actions Plans,
  • Predicted Energy Assessments
  • Air Tightness Tests
  • Thermal imaging inspection reports
  • Ventilation testing and commissioning reports

Energy Efficiency Advice cover

As part of our renewed insurance policy, Elmhurst now also covers members for 'verbal,non binding' energy efficiency advice. Allthough difficult to claim against, this gives members peace of mind when helping to clarify the assessment methodology, meaning of data, and recommendations included in the energy certificate, to building owners.

Insurance with Elmhurst in a nutshell

  • As an Elmhurst accredited member PI and PL is included free of charge when you lodge or submit reports and/or certificates through Elmhurst. 
  • The level of PI and PL cover for members is £10 million.
  • Elmhurst's insurance policy covers the activities of Elmhurst accredited members in the production of energy reports, certificates, plans and surveys (an insurance summary is available on Access Elmhurst under 'Member Information')
  • The policy also covers 'verbal, non-binding advice to a building owner to assist them understanding the assessment methodology and in understanding the meaning of data, and recommendations included in the certificate /report'.

Anthony James Insurance Brokers Ltd act as the insurance brokers for Elmhurst Energy Systems Ltd. All insurance provided by Elmhurst is insured by Hiscox Insurance Company Ltd, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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