Elmhurst release updated RdSAP Manual

Elmhurst is pleased to announce that its RdSAP Manual, which gives detailed and practical guidance on how to enter data into our RdSAP mobile and online applications, has been revised and greatly improved.

Elmhurst has focused on saving assessors time by ensuring information within the RdSAP manual can now be found very quickly with one of the biggest changes being the new table of contents which now allows users to navigate easily through the manual. Using this feature, users can now click on any section in the contents page and be taken straight to the relevant page or section they require, without the need to scroll through the entire manual. 

Additionally, the layout of the RdSAP manual has been improved to ensure the information is easier to read. RdSAP Conventions have also been added to the manual, with a full explanation of each one provided within the appendix. 

As always, the manual will continue to provide clear and concise guidance on all areas of RdSAP including:

  • Main and secondary heating systems.
  • Room in the Roof
  • The use of unknown for insulation.
  • Wall construction
  • Boarded or obstructed lofts.

Elmhurst Members can access and download a copy of the new manual by clicking here

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