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Elmhurst Energy is the leading independent provider of energy assessment training, software and accreditation. Established in 1993 and operating across the UK, we’re recognised for driving standards across the industry and providing outstanding technical support.

Our solutions are used by thousands of clients including chartered surveyors, architects, house builders, building control bodies, insulation manufacturers and residential social landlords.

Our Background

Elmhurst Energy has been at the forefront of energy assessments since the beginning and helped to create what the industry now know as the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). It was through using our extensive knowledge and real life experience of providing business solutions to rate the energy efficiency of buildings that the UK was able to provide a standardised approach to Energy Rating using EPCs.

We have been heavily involved in all the amendments and changes to the EPC and RdSAP/SAP methodology from the start- and there have been many! It is now a very different methodology, but at its heart it is still a measuring tool to compare and contrast domestic dwellings.

At Elmhurst we value our history, but ensure that we build upon it by always being at the cutting edge of this fast moving industry. As an accreditation scheme we believe we offer more; we say more, we campaign more and we stand up for assessors and the industry.

Working on behalf of our members

Elmhurst are passionate about supporting a sustainable industry for energy assessors alongside energy efficiency products and service providers. Through our sustained activities we ensure that energy efficiency is always at the forefront of the political and business agenda.

Elmhurst Energy get involved by:

  • Actively listening to our members and refining our own position based on input from the grass roots.
  • Working with Government to create pragmatic and workable energy assessment solutions
  • Identifying and communicating changes in the energy assessment industry.
  • Formulating a position, even when that might be perceived by some as challenging, if we believe it to be right.
  • Proactively speaking on behalf of industry members who share our vision.

The Elmhurst Energy Vision

Our vision is to become the leading independent provider of building energy rating expertise.

The Elmhurst Energy Mission

As a leading energy rating expert, our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality, most authoritative energy rating products and services, which will promote energy efficiency and environmental responsibility amongst our customers, and will also support the development of their business.

 We will continue to drive the energy rating industry forward through unrivalled customer support, innovative products and a wide range of complementary energy rating services. We believe that as a business to business company we can only succeed through the success of our customers.

 We are not just committed to our customers. We endeavour to provide our employees with a working environment underpinned by openness, integrity, respect and opportunities for personal development.

The Elmhurst Energy Values

We are guided by clear values and standards in how we do business. Our values characterise the basis of our mission and the way we deal with our customers, colleagues and the wider industry. We believe these values are the reason for Elmhurst's exceptional level of customer retention and loyalty.

Quality- The highest standards, attention to detail and a commitment to be open, honest and deliver on our promises.

Openness- Willingness to share information and expertise that is friendly, relaxed, honest and professional - all factors that contribute to our brilliant customer service.

Innovation- Constantly evolving systems that address the complexities of a fast moving market and regulatory environment which remain fundamentally simple to use - energy rating made easy.

Commitment- To the environment and ensuring above all we adopt an eco-friendly approach to our products, services and development procedures across all areas of the business.

Experience- Unrivalled experience in the energy rating industry, over 20 years of expert knowledge and customer insight allowing us to provide practical and cost effective solutions suitable for all.

Integrity- Working with Elmhurst means you will always get the honest straight answer that reflects the right thing to do.

Respect- Our relationships with customers, partners and employees are based on mutual respect and courtesy.

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