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Latest News

28 June 2017
Scottish Lodgement Fee set to Rise
23 June 2017
Elmhurst Draft Response to Scotland's Energy Efficiency Programme Consultation
19 June 2017
Green Deal ‘Soft Launch’
16 June 2017
Elmhurst responds to the consultation on the Scottish EPC Register
13 June 2017
Elmhurst Energy launches Level 5 Non-Domestic Assessor Accreditation
09 June 2017
Elmhurst Draft Response to Consultation on the Scottish EPC Register
07 June 2017
Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme Consultation
05 June 2017
Donald Trump pulls the USA out of Paris Climate Agreement
02 June 2017
Scottish Government issue consultation on the Scottish EPC Register
01 June 2017
Elmhurst Energy acquires the Independent Airtightness Testing Scheme (iATS)
26 May 2017
Elmhurst respond to Scotland Consultation- SEEP 2017
25 May 2017
Elmhurst respond to Scotland Consultation: “Scottish Energy Strategy: The future of energy in Scotland”
23 May 2017
Academics criticise competence of energy modellers
19 May 2017
The Conservative Party officially launched its new manifesto.
17 May 2017
The Liberal Democrats this morning officially launched its new manifesto.
16 May 2017
Elmhurst Energy launches new Elmhurst Digital arm
16 May 2017
The Labour party officially launched its new manifesto
11 May 2017
Working towards an Energy Efficient Society
10 May 2017
Sticking Plaster or Real Policies?
03 May 2017
Elmhurst Assessor calls for enforcement of Building Regulations
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