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Latest News

30 June 2016
UK sets new ambitious 2030s Carbon Target
29 June 2016
UK Ministers to approve the world leading carbon emissions target
29 June 2016
Breaking news - DECC issue consultation on ECO replacement
27 June 2016
Message to Estate and Letting agents
24 June 2016
Elmhurst Energy reminds MPs: “Energy assessment of buildings is not an EU invention”
22 June 2016
EU Referendum- Its Impact on Energy Efficiency
21 June 2016
Smart Auditing Trial extended by Three months
14 June 2016
Proposal to drop RdSAP from ECO – the time to respond draws near
02 June 2016
Estate Agents fear leaving EU
31 May 2016
OFGEM issue ECO2 consultation with just five weeks to respond
27 May 2016
Media report of house sale slump is not a true reflection
25 May 2016
DCLG announce review of Energy Assessor Accreditation Scheme Operations
23 May 2016
UK Green Building Council Task Group Report: Delivering Building Performance
18 May 2016
Elmhurst Energy announces two appointments to Commercial and Operation roles
12 May 2016
New homes are the most energy efficient, but could they be better?
11 May 2016
House Builders set out intent to double new build homes by 2020
10 May 2016
Home Information Pack mk2
05 May 2016
Ofgem Publishes Response to U-Values Consultation
04 May 2016
DCLG Explain Fee Increase
27 April 2016
Is the UK Aston Villa in disguise?
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