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Latest News

27 April 2016
Is the UK Aston Villa in disguise?
27 April 2016
Lords Reject Government decision to scrap zero carbon homes
25 April 2016
Elmhurst Energy launches Air Conditioning Inspection Accreditation Scheme
14 April 2016
National Audit Office (NAO) supports need to measure improvements
11 April 2016
1.5million cold homes in Scotland
08 April 2016
DEC Consultation to be taken no further
07 April 2016
Elmhurst Energy announces Martyn Reed as new Managing Director
04 April 2016
Warm Homes trial cuts GP visits by 60%
31 March 2016
Smart Audit Trial Welcomed by Elmhurst Members
29 March 2016
NEW STUDY: Warmth and energy efficiency are the key priorities for buyers!
24 March 2016
Summary of Central Register fee increase
23 March 2016
DFPNI raise lodgement prices for Northern Ireland
22 March 2016
If ECO adopts deemed scores' we all might lose out
18 March 2016
DCLG Increase EPC Lodgement Fees by up to 63%
17 March 2016
Changes to RHI Announced
17 March 2016
Major Green groups have condemned the Governments latest budget
16 March 2016
Renewable Heat Incentive- Government Review
15 March 2016
implementation of Paris agreement is "not whether we do it, but how"
14 March 2016
History of RdSAP
04 March 2016
Energy Policy U- Turns ‘may cost households £120 a year’
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