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Latest News

22 November 2017
Budget Reaction: Chancellor should have incentivised energy efficiency
21 November 2017
How to make Green Deal Better? A Call for Evidence
15 November 2017
RdSAP 9.93 update incoming
06 November 2017
Listed Buildings- guidance to property owners
31 October 2017
RdSAP 9.93 release Delayed
27 October 2017
Consultation Frenzy
23 October 2017
Borrow more to boost house building, says Sajid Javid
20 October 2017
Elmhurst member tells Government Minister how it is
17 October 2017
ESOS Newsletter 2017 Issue 2
12 October 2017
Clean Growth Strategy Announced
11 October 2017
The Government Issues Guidance on Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards
03 October 2017
UK household power bills are lower thanks to the "Green Cr*p"
27 September 2017
Make all homes energy efficient by 2035
27 September 2017
Pressure mounting on Government to deliver Climate promises
26 September 2017
Link Business Rates to Energy Performance Certificates
18 September 2017
Elmhurst Energy Assessor is awarded Scottish 'SuperHome' Status
08 September 2017
Energy Efficiency measures can save the UK £7.5bn – but households need help
04 September 2017
Update on Each Home Counts
17 August 2017
Scottish government release further £4.4 million to improve energy efficiency
07 August 2017
New ‘Energy Review’ to examine energy bills
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