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Latest News

17 January 2018
Climate Change Committee tells the Government to get moving
10 January 2018
DCLG change name to MHCLG
09 January 2018
Elmhurst responds to the 'Most important consultation for decades!'
05 January 2018
The most important consultation for decades
04 January 2018
Elmhurst respond to Government's review of Energy & Carbon Reporting
03 January 2018
Use ESOS to streamline Energy & Carbon Reporting
02 January 2018
Scotland publish long term energy strategy
20 December 2017
Well that was the year that was!
19 December 2017
Consultation to scrap the "no upfront costs for Landlords inside MEES"
18 December 2017
Interim review into Building Regulations- post Grenfell
15 December 2017
Put EPCs at the heart of the home buying & selling process
12 December 2017
Government offer ‘guidance’ on EPCs
07 December 2017
Extend the need for DECs to reduce energy bills in the public sector
04 December 2017
Government consider changes to the home buying process
01 December 2017
Professional Recognition
30 November 2017
Use DECs to cut energy bills in the public sector
29 November 2017
Elmhurst seeks to protect tenants in the letting and managing agent market
28 November 2017
SAP Consultation Response Published
27 November 2017
DCLG consultation 2 - Protecting Consumers in the letting and managing agent market
23 November 2017
The missing piece of the Jigsaw
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