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Latest News

16 January 2017
The Green Deal Finance Company acquired
13 January 2017
SAP and RdSAP Consultation
03 January 2017
Northern Ireland propose linking EPC rating to a "rates holiday"
23 December 2016
The 12 Days of Christmas
20 December 2016
Government responds to the Consultation: ‘Review of energy assessor accreditation scheme operations’
19 December 2016
Each Home Matters - report published
16 December 2016
Government produce RHI consultation response
15 December 2016
The Government is committed to managing heat demand in UK
14 December 2016
Property Predictions 2017
09 December 2016
Government ask on best way to heat our homes
08 December 2016
Every Home still matters
30 November 2016
“A child born today may never see fuel poverty eradicated” says new report
25 November 2016
Consumer interest in home energy efficiency and sustainability on the up
24 November 2016
Residential sales revert to "sluggish"
23 November 2016
Autumn statement gives boost with funding for 140,000 new homes
22 November 2016
Housebuilders on track to deliver Government’s ‘one million homes’
22 November 2016
Elmhurst launch CPD Log for Members
21 November 2016
The UK signs up for Paris climate agreement
18 November 2016
BEIS officially announce consultation on the next versions of SAP and RdSAP
14 November 2016
Elmhurst host debate with the Midlands Energy Professional
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