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We offer a range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses for energy assessors across all strands.The CPD courses are designed to keep skills up to date, as well as widen general knowledge related to your specialist area.


All certified energy assessors in the UK must adhere to a mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) policy, details of which can be found in section 7 of the Elmhurst Code of Conduct.

The policy states that in order to maintain a valid certification energy assessors must:

  • Participate in additional learning activities
  • Keep skills up to date within your specialist area
  • Widen general knowledge related to your specialist area

Annual Requirement

It is a mandatory requirement of the scheme to complete CPD annually. The CPD year runs from January to December and during this time the assessor must:

  • Complete 10 hours valid CPD per certification strand i.e. DEA

For any additional strands the certified assessor must:

  • Complete an additional 5 hours valid CPD per additional strand i.e. DEA & NDEA (NDEA Level 3, 4 and DECs count as one strand)

Elmhurst's CPD Portfolio

We offer a wide range of:

  • CPD seminars for Elmhurst and non Elmhurst members
  • Distance learning materials           
  • Professional and technical newsletters – look out for the CPD logo!

All of which contribute towards your annual CPD requirement. 

Alternative CPD Options

  • Industry Events - are an excellent way of keeping up to date with the latest developments in the energy industry and are very informative. The number of CPD hours that can be claimed depend upon the number of seminars/presentations you attend at an event. At events where Elmhurst is attending we may specify the maximum number of hours that can be claimed for attendance. 
  • Structured Reading – this must be carried out with an accompanied synopsis of learning which lists the topics covered, what you have learned from your study and the number of hours claimed.

Recording CPD

CPD can be recorded in the Elmhurst CPD Log which is available on paper or through Elmhurst's Members area (within the CPD section). It is not a mandatory requirement to use the CPD log but it is best practise to maintain an up to date record of your CPD activity as all energy assessors are subject to a CPD audit at any time during certification. CPD records must be produced within 15 days of the audit request.

Further information about CPD

It is best practice to plan and record CPD throughout the certification year. This will enable you to take full advantage of the different CPD routes you can complete in order to find the best study subjects for you personally. CPD should be beneficial to you, filling any gaps in your knowledge on subjects which you may not be completely up to speed on, so that you gain something from the study rather than it becoming a chore. 

The CPD study you complete should consist of at least:

  • 50% energy related matter
  • 50% could be for non-energy subjects, such as other aspects of building construction or wider business related topics (time management, marketing, health and safety etc).

Mandatory and Non Mandatory CPD

DCLG guidelines state that changes in requirements such as reading materials or attending seminars in relation to software updates do not count as valid CPD for the certification year.
For more information please view the Elmhurst CPD Policy.

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Success Stories

"That was the most informative piece of CPD I've ever attended."

- Sandra Hardwick, CPD 33 OCDEA Masterclass

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