Elmhurst’s Evidence Storage

Free, safe and secure storage of evidence data

Storage of assessment evidence is highly important. Your data should be readily available in case of queries or complaints as missing evidence can lead to failed QA audits. MHCLG requires evidence to be stored for 15 years and the Data Protection Act requires that information is kept safe and secure, so backing up your files is essential.

Elmhurst's Evidence provides a secure area to easily save and manage your files. The software provides a second home for your photos, site notes, floor plans and any other relevant documents, allowing you to easily search and retrieve them whenever you need them. Files are stored online, leaving valuable free space on your hard drive, and preventing the risk of losing evidence as a result of computer crashes, viruses and lost or damaged mobile devices. 

Benefits of Elmhurst Evidence

  • FREE and easy to use for Elmhurst members
  • Virtual storage space able to receive large uploads.
  • Stores files for 15 years, as required by MHCLG
  • Files are automatically compressed by 90% on upload 
  • Simple ‘drag and drop’ functionality 
  • Stored files can be downloaded individually or PDF Evidence reports can be produced for QA audits
  • Integrates directly with Elmhurst’s RdSAP Android and iOS devices, allowing annotated and date stamped photos to be uploaded remotely, and it can be also accessed from within Elmhurst’s online RdSAP software.

Link to Quality Assurance Hub 

Elmhurst Energy has streamlined its QA process for Domestic and Non-Domestic Energy Assessors by seamlessly integrating the QA Hub with Elmhurst's Evidence ONLINE storage facility. (Please note this facility is not currently available for DEC assessors). 

With just a tick of a box you can mark when your evidence as 'QA ready', allowing it to be automatically uploaded to the QA Hub if called for audit, and removing the need for you to manually submit your evidence via the QA Hub. This new facility simplifies the process whilst also saving you time! 

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