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Measured Energy Performance (MEP) Competency Training

Suitable for DEA, NDEA, OCDEA, Airtightness, BVT, Retrofit
Qualifications 3 Hours CPD
£350.00 + VAT
3 Hours CPD

Learn how to measure the actual performance of a property and compare it against design intent with Measured Energy Performance (MEP)!

During this 1.5 hour course you will learn how to use MEP, which uses ground-breaking SmartHTC technology and specially adapted Design SAP software to calculate the Heat Transfer Coefficient score. This will allow you to accurately assess the thermal performance of a property and see how it performs in-situ.

Our expert tutor will walk you through all the necessary steps, from setting up the temperature sensors to taking meter readings and completing the required energy assessment. The process is similar to conducting an RdSAP assessment with more of an emphasis on gathering real-time data. Therefore this course would suit those involved in retrofit work and energy professionals looking to close the performance gap.

It’s a very exciting time to get involved with Building Performance Evaluation methods, with advanced skills in this area increasingly sought after!

*This course price includes the training and joining fee. This price does not include the Methodology specific training with Build Test Solutions (other methodology providers are available).

  • What is Building Performance Measurement?
  • The background to Heat Transfer Co-efficient (HTC)
  • The different HTC Measurement methods
  • Preparing a building for Measured HTC testing
  • The calculations and data requirements for HTC testing
  • Preparing and issuing the measured HTC report
  • What is a competent person scheme
  • The performance and knowledge outcomes for Measured Energy Performance.

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