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ESOS Lead Assessor (Classroom)

Course length 4 Days
Suitable for Existing Display Energy Certificate Assessors, Non-Domestic Energy Assessors, and Energy Auditors with a minimum of two years
Qualifications ESOS Lead Assessor

Every four years, large companies are required to prove their compliance with the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS).  This provides an excellent opportunity for energy assessors working in the non-domestic sector to train as ESOS Lead Assessors.

Practical day included!

Our ESOS course is one of the only courses that includes a practical day; providing you with both theoretical knowledge and the practical skills to confidently carry out an ESOS assessment.

The first three days will be spent in the classroom where you will learn all the technical skills and knowledge required to become and ESOS Lead Assessor. The final day will be spent ‘out in the field’ where you will conduct an audit for buildings and transport.

Our professional and friendly training is delivered at a pace to suit all individuals and ensures those who attend leave feeling confident about putting what they’ve learned into practice.

Please note: The ESOS application form will be emailed across to you once payment for this course has been processed. Please ensure the AP95 application form is completed and returned to as soon as possible, before the training starts. In the event this is not filled in and accepted before the course takes place, Elmhurst is not liable for any cost incurred.


Course Breakdown

This four day course covers all relevant information needed to qualify as an ESOS Lead Assessor. At the end of the Training course there is a paper based assessment paper consisting of 20 multiple choice questions and the pass mark is 75%. These have a pass rate of 70%. If the candidate fails the paper based assessment they will be offered one further attempt to pass. In the event that a candidate fails the exam twice, they will have to wait a minimum period of three months before any further attempts can be made. We reserve the right to charge for any further exam attempts. Once you have successfully completed the course you can join Elmhurst’s ESOS Lead Assessor Scheme and start conducting audits.

  • Introduction to Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)
  • Why are Energy Efficiency Assessments required
  • The importance of conducting Energy Assessment of; Buildings, Industrial Processes and Transportation
  • Overcoming the obstacles to reducing energy use and energy consumption
  • Why is a “Lead Energy Assessor” needed
  • Role of the “Lead Energy Assessor”
  • Core competencies required to conduct an energy efficiency assessment
  • Routes to compliance
  • Energy audits to BS EN 16247-1
  • Technical and non-technical skills and understanding required by a lead energy assessor
  • Understanding the organisational context of the organisation or undertaking being assessed
  • Applying energy efficiency assessment principles processes and techniques
  • Understanding the scope of the energy efficiency assessment to be undertaken
  • Energy use and energy systems applicable to organisations being assessed
  • Building a team to conduct an energy efficiency assessment
  • Managing an assessment teams and budgets
  • Project planning and deployment
  • Reviewing the outputs of the team and techniques for measuring and sampling energy data
  • Data analysis
  • Software and tools
  • How to prioritise opportunities for improvement of energy use and economic evaluation
  • Managing the communication process and stakeholder engagement
  • Creating a viable business case for implementing opportunities for improvement
  • Preparation and presentation of technical and non technical energy efficiency reports
  • Paper based Assessment test
  • Lead assessor and board level sign off
  • Environmental Agency notification processing

March 2024

Date Duration Delivery Location Places left
25 Mar 2024 09:30 4 Days Classroom Lutterworth 3
£1,995.00 + VAT

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