Section 63 Training (Scotland)

Legislation which came into force in Scotland on the 1st September 2016 requires owners of non-domestic buildings (over 1000m²) eligible for an EPC for sale or rent, to have an additional assessment carried out; the resulting document produced from this additional assessment is known as an Action Plan.

Please Note: Given the ongoing situation with COVID-19, Elmhurst is currently unable to deliver this face to face training. However, we are pleased to confirm that we now have an online version of the Section 63 course available. You can purchase this course via the Elmhurst Marketplace.


Individuals who are accredited as a Non-Domestic Energy Assessor will be eligble to undertake Section 63 Advisor training where they can gain the relevant skills and knowledge required to produce Section 63 Action Plans in Scotland. 

There are opportunities here for competent Section 63 Advisors to produce possibly more than one EPC and more than one Action Plan. If the Assessor is also a qualified DEC assessor they would be able to produce DECs on an annual basis (if the client opts to not carry out the improvement measures in the Action Plan).

What is an Action Plan?

The Action Plan will contain improvement measures designed to achieve the energy performance target and emissions target for the building. Certain buildings will be exempt from this legislation including those which meet or exceed the energy standards from the 2002 Building (Scotland) Regulations or later.

What will a section 63 Advisor need to do?

A section 63 Advisor will be required to:

  • Explain the background to, and the application of, the relevant legislation and be able to advise building owners of any exemptions from the legislation.
  • Familiarise themselves with the building in question (if they have not already done so through EPC production).
  • Verify any existing EPC for the building to ensure it is usable for further assessment or produce an EPC. 
  • Produce an Action Plan and agree improvement measures with the building owner which will be most beneficial to the owner or occupier and still achieve the energy performance and emissions targets shown on the EPC. 
  • Lodge the Action Plan on the Scottish EPC Register. The Action Plan will record confirmation from the building owner of their agreement to either carry out the improvement measures or to defer the implementation by providing a Display Energy Certificate on an annual basis until such time as the measures are carried out. Display Energy Certificates (DECs) can only be produced by a qualified DEC Assessor. 
  • Where the owner opts to carry out improvement measures, a new EPC is produced and lodged upon the completion of the measures in order to record the status of the improved building. A new Action Plan is also produced and lodged confirming the improvement works that have been carried out.

Section 63 Training (Scotland)

Course Content:

Our two day Section 63 Accreditation training course provides an ideal background into Section 63 legislation, the actions that assessors can take, as well as section 63 practical demonstration of software and a competency assessment to finish. The course will cover.

  • Timescales for implementation.
  • Scope of application of Section 63 to Non Domestic EPCs
  • What’s included within the scope.
  • Options to comply within Section 63 i.e. Action Plans/DECS
  • How and by whom these options are determined.
  • A brief overview of the Section 63 software for Action Plans.
  • Next steps for Non Domestic EPC energy assessors.
  • Practical demonstration of Section 63 Software and use of scenarios to:-
    • Produce a Section 63 Action Plan - Prescriptive measures
    • Production of a Section 63 Action Plan - Alternative measures


£650.00 (plus VAT) 




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