Psi-Value Competency Training 

Elmhurst's Psi-Value training course (ψ) will take you through the calculations and analysis of 2D and 3D Thermal Bridging and will also provide you with the skills and knowledge to produce Psi-Value calculations in accordance with BR 497.

Elmhurst's Psi-Value Competency Training provides an excellent opportunity for existing New Build Energy Assessors, Non-Domestic Energy Assessors and individuals conducting thermal bridging calculations wanting to gain a more comprehensive overview of Psi-Values. Those who complete the course will also be eligible to join Elmhurst's Psi-Value Competency Scheme


What is a Thermal Bridge/Thermal Bridging ?

Put simply a thermal bridge is an area of a building which has a high amount of heat transfer compared to the material/fabric surrounding it. A Thermal Bridge can often spell trouble, as high heat transfer in one area of the building will affect the thermal insulation and energy efficiency of the entire building, as heat will naturally try to escape to colder areas. 

Typical examples of where a thermal bridge can occur include a roof/wall junction, a wall/floor junction, and window installations.

Psi (ψ) Values explained

A Psi-Value or ψ-value is a measurement used to determine the rate of heat loss through a junction  (where two thermal elements meet e.g. external walls and ground floor). The heat loss at these junctions is refered to as non-repeating thermal bridges which can form up to 25% of the total fabric heat loss of a building. There are currently 42 recognised thermal junctions in SAP 2012, many of which do not have prescribed details to rely on. Therefore having the ability to calculate psi vales for these can improve effectiveness in achieving compliance with Part L.

Why become an industry recognised Psi-Value Modeller? 

Offer more than just SAP Assessments! Ensure compliance with Building Regulations

As a Psi-Value Modeller you will no longer need to rely on prescribed junction details and will have the ability to model bespoke or unusual junction details, using the resulting psi values within SAP and SBEM assessments.

The assessment of thermal bridges has such a large impact on SAP calculations, due  in part to the recent revisions to Part L1A and the stricter energy efficiency and CO2 targets. But as an industry recognised Psi-Value Modeller you will have greater flexibility when trying to achieve Part L compliance for your clients.

Psi-Value Competency Training 

Course Content:

This course is delivered over 4 Days and will allow you to become a Competent person under the Elmhurst Psi-Value Competency Scheme. The course will cover: 

  • A look at the Building Regulations and SAP
  • Principles of heat flow in buildings
  • A review of thermal bridging conventions, BR497
  • A look at some examples and entry of results into SAP
  • An Introduction to THERM
  • A walkthrough of building a model
  • Practical workshop of 2D examples
  • An Introduction to TRISCO
  • A walkthrough of building a model
  • Practical workshop of 3D examples


£1695.00 (plus VAT)



Information about how to become a Competent Person under Elmhurst's Psi-Value Competency Scheme is provided through the link below: 



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