Non-Domestic Energy Assessor Level 5 (DSM) Training

Elmhurst’s NDEA Level 5 Training ensures that energy assessors have the skills and knowledge to deliver professional energy assessments, and lodge Energy Performance Certificates for commercial buildings in England and Wales using Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM). 

Level 5 commercial buildings are typically the most complex buildings to produce energy assessments for. A Level 5 non-domestic property can be identified from specific features such as atriums, automatic blind control and ventilation with enhanced thermal coupling. A larger commercial building with a complex structure, such as a shopping centre or a skyscraper, will require a Level 5 Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Training Options 

Elmhurst has partnered with leading DSM software provider DesignBuilder to provide courses, recommended for Level 4 Non-Domestic Energy Assessors. Previous experience with DesignBuilder's software interface (SBEM or DSM) will determine which training course is right for you.

Already Trained as a Non-Domestic Level 5 Assessor?

If you are already trained and are qualified to use DSM for Level 5 Non-Domestic Energy Assessments then you will be eligible to join our leading accreditation scheme. You can find out more about Elmhurst's Level 5 accreditation scheme by clicking below.

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