Display Energy Certificate Assessor Training 

A Display Energy Certificate (DEC) Assessor is an accredited individual who undertakes energy calculations, using approved Operational Rating (OR) software, on public buildings.

Please Note: Given the ongoing situation with COVID-19, Elmhurst is currently unable to deliver this face to face training. However, the DEC APEL course is now available to complete online. You can purchase this course via our training calendar. 


In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Public buildings of more than 250m2 and which are frequently visited by the public are required to display a DEC and have an Advisory Report.

DECs are also an approved means of assessing buildings for the Government's mandatory Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS).

In Scotland, assessors may wish to train to be DEC assessors in the light of new legislation relating to non domestic buildings of more than 1000m2 which compels owners who are selling or letting such buildings to either implement measures contained in the mandatory Action Plan or alternatively obtain a DEC each year.

DECs can also be used on a voluntary basis as a valuable tool to help manage energy efficiency in any non domestic building.

Training Options

We offer two training options for individuals wanting to undertake DEC training. The routes are ‘new entrant’ and ‘Approved Prior Experiential Learning’ (APEL). 

DEC Training- New Entrant

We offer a 2 day course for ‘new entrants’ to qualify as a DEC assessor. The ABBE (Awarding Body for the Built Environment) DEC course includes:

  • Introduction to energy assessment, industry background, EPBD legislation and current update.
  • The ABBE Award, timescales and assessment requirements
  • Operational Ratings methodology, Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and Advisory Reports (ARs)
  • Introduction to OR Calc, the Government calculation software
  • Building Services in non domestic buildings
  • Good surveying practice, data collection requirements including conventions and QA requirements

DEC - New Entrant Training 

Course content: 

  • Professional discussion

  • 2 days training (Accommodation available in close proximity to Elmhurst)
  • Training materials and access to key documents

  • Technical support helpline during training

  • Access to OR software 

  • Assessment of portfolio of evidence

Total DEC New Entrant training cost:

£905.00 + £236.00 ABBE Registration Fee (plus VAT) =

    £1146.00 (excl VAT) 
    £1375.00 (Inc VAT)



DEC- Experienced Practitioner Route (APEL)

A 1 day training course for professionals that wish to qualify and certify as an APEL DEC assessor.

This is an industry standard route to Non Domestic Energy Assessor accreditation for individuals who have non domestic buildings experience relevant to the energy assessment industry and, who are able to document their involvement and experience of working in this field for at least two of the last five years.

Candidates must demonstrate that they meet  the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding as defined by the National Occupational Standards (NOS);  and they will be expected to be familiar with Building Regulations, construction methods, HVAC and lighting systems related to non domestic properties and understand architects’ plans.

How to Apply

  • Book onto your preferred training course date through our online Training Calendar
  • An application form will be sent through once payment has been received for you to complete and return to us
  • The applicant’s experience, qualifications and training are mapped against the standards to determine your suitability for the APEL route
  • The Applicant is notified of the outcome of the mapping process:
    • If an applicant is not deemed to have met the requirements of the APEL route the new entrant route is suggested.
    • Successful applicants will be advised and an official confirmation email will be sent through with location, start times and anything else required for the training course.

Course covers:

  • 1 day classroom training
  • 3 DEC test case assessments provided by Elmhurst Energy
  • Technical support helpline during APEL period
  • Distance learning materials

Please contact our Non Domestic Team on 01455 883 231 if you have any queries about this route.

To learn more about the software and its features, as well as our approved third party software providers, please visit our ‘DEC Software’ page.

Total DEC APEL training cost:

£380.00 (excl VAT)
£456.00 (Inc VAT)



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Success Stories

"Extremely well presented training course with excellent facilities and helpful staff throughout. Especially with my car breaking down! Looking forward to getting fully qualified and further training courses in the future "

Martin Firth- DEC ABBE Course


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