SBEM Online 

Save up to four hours per assessment with Elmhurst's premium SBEM Online software available for commercial building energy assessments - Now with new updates! 

SBEM Online is Elmhurst’s government-approved energy modelling software for non-domestic energy assessments, designed to help you achieve optimum workflow. Smarter data inputs, automatic calculations and direct lodgements make SBEM Online the stand-out choice for commercial energy assessors looking to save time without compromising on quality.

This cutting-edge desktop software has an established reputation as a reliable, easy-to-use assessment tool, which distinguishes it within the market. After you have completed your assessment, integration with Landmark and the current NDEA conventions ensure your reports are QA ready by eliminating human error and identifying common mistakes and missing data.

Elmhurst SBEM Online v.4.01 

Elmhurst's SBEM Online v4.01 has been approved by MHCLG for SBEM calculations and lodgements in England and Wales, which is the latest version of the software and implements the ability to assess Waste Water Heat Recovery for showers. There is also the ability to view projects in the previous version of SBEM (SBEM v5.4.b) and easily convert any projects created prior to this date to the current version of SBEM (v5.6.a).

Start using SBEM Online today

Using SBEM Online is free as you are only charged when you lodge. So why not give it a go? Just fill in the linked form below and a member of our team will be in contact. Please note that SBEM Online is currently only available for assessors in England and Wales. 


*If you are not accredited with Elmhurst, please get in touch via the 'non-member access' linked form to discuss how you can access the software. Unlike other software providers we provide users with free technical support, available 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, to answer any queries you may have. 

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Features and Benefits

*NEW Features:

  • Retrieve recommendations report within software
  • Integrated Google aerial view of property
  • Represent doors and windows within plan view
  • Enhanced zoom function
  • Automatically calculate property dimensions 
  • Add base and sub addresses


  • Government approved
  • Smart data inputs & automatic calculations
  • Integration with Landmark Register 
  • Integration with current NDEA Conventions
  • Lodge directly from the software 
  • Only pay per lodgement
  • QA Validations
  • Free technical support

Price Breakdown

With SBEM Online there is no annual license fee, meaning you only pay when you lodge. 

Our basic rate is £10 per lodgement although discounted rates are available for those who plan on lodging a large volume of EPCs. This can be discussed further with one of our business development managers once you have filled out the linked form above. 

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