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About DEC Software

A DEC and advisory report are required for buildings with a total useful floor area (see definitions at Annex B) over 250m2 that are occupied in whole or part by public authorities and frequently visited by the public in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Only certified DEC assessors can produce a legally valid DEC using the government approved relevant Operational Rating Software (known as OR Calc Software).

The most commonly used DEC software package, is the government approved free of charge OR Calc software.

OR Calc Software

The Elmhurst non domestic team is trained on the OR Calc software in order to provide the best possible support for our members. Individuals that undertake any Elmhurst DEC training are fully trained on the OR Calc software and access to the software is provided to Elmhurst trainees during the lifespan of their training.

If you wish to use an alternative to our preferred software, please contact the Administration Team on 01455 883 253.

DEC Software and the central registers

Once all the survey data from your public building is uploaded to the OR Calc software, Elmhurst Energy ensures the data is uploaded to the relevant Non Domestic Central Register. E.g.

  • England, Wales and Northern Ireland – Landmark

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