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Introduction to Building Performance Measurements (On Demand)

Suitable for Qualified DEAs and OCDEAs
Qualifications 45 Minutes CPD
£40.00 + VAT
45 Minutes CPD

This 45 minute course provides the learner to building performance measurement, and in particular to measuring the energy performance of buildings.

The predicted and actual performance of buildings has been shown to vary significantly, with variations of over 100% observed when thermal performance has been measured in-situ. This is known as the ‘performance gap’, if a building is not performing as expected this can lead to unintended consequences such as higher than expected energy use, poor thermal comfort and a risk of damp and mould growth.

The course provides an introduction into why this performance gap exists, how big it could be, what that means for buildings and why performance measurement is required. The course moves on to describe what aspects of building performance can be measured to determine whether a building is operating as predicted, and how these measurements could be carried out.

The course finishes with three examples of building performance measurement in practice, providing a full introduction to what performance measurement is and how it is done. This is particularly important with relation to recent changes to Government policy, which are described in this course and have placed more of a focus on in-situ measured performance.

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