PAS 2038- Retrofit of Commercial Buildings, draft released

Many of you will know about PAS 2035 the domestic retrofit  specification that was published by BSI, including direct from input from Elmhurst. It outlines the functions of Retrofit Assessors, Retrofit Coordinators and the need for a retrofit plan for all dwellings that are being considered for energy efficiency improvement.

The PAS has now been adopted for the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO policy and Government intend making it a requirement for all future initiatives, including elements of the Green Homes Grant. Hundreds of Retrofit Assessors and Retrofit Coordinators have now been trained. 

The obvious next step was for BSI to consider commercial buildings and we have now received the first draft of PAS 2038, “Retrofitting non-domestic buildings for improved energy efficiency – Specification”. For those that don’t know a PAS (Publicly Available Specification) is a sponsored, fast-track, consensus-building informal standard that is produced by the UK national standards body, BSI Standards Limited. PAS 2038 has been sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).
The draft was issued on 28th September and comments close on 26th October 2020. We all need to act fast!
BSI has asked Elmhurst to solicit comments and views from Elmhurst members and collate them into one single submission. We will issue our first draft of those views within the next week and make it easy for our members to respond to us, but we thought it was important for you to see the draft early to allow you to start forming your own views.
The first thing that jumps out at Elmhurst is there is no reference to the national calculation methodology for non-domestic buildings (SBEM) and the qualification requirements are focussed on Low Carbon Consultants, a scheme operated exclusively by just one organisation with a few hundred members. We hope that this is an oversight but if not, we are very disappointed that the 1,500 or so non domestic energy assessors will be excluded. Elmhurst will undoubtedly highlight this oversight.
Elmhurst’s Managing Director, Martyn Reed, comments “PAS 2038 could be a very important standard for the non-domestic sector, especially if government adopt it as a pre requisite for grant support. The deep retrofit approach of assessing the needs of the building and the occupant are equally applicable to commercial buildings as they are domestic. With the move to zero carbon the demand should be high. The country will need competent assessors who have knowledge, skills, experience and tools to undertake such and, crucially, links with  those building owners. Elmhurst will be fighting to ensure that the skills of Elmhurst members are recognised and that the industry builds upon what it has already delivered, rather than reinventing the wheel.”

Click here to see the draft PAS 2038 specification
Click here to see BSI’s public announcement of the draft specification 

Published: 06/10/2020

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